What is the Ideal Frequency for Dusting Your Home?

Jun 5, 2023

In order to effectively eliminate dust from your home, relying solely on a feather duster won't be sufficient. Our suggestion for keeping dust at bay is to dedicate some time to dusting and cleaning your home at least once a month, focusing on easily accessible areas such as your ceiling fan and upholstery. For more challenging spots like high windows, ceilings, delicate items like picture frames, and shelves, it is recommended to tackle those every three to six months.


  • 1 Microfiber cloth
  • 1 Bar mop towel or roll of paper towels
  • 1 Lightweight canister vacuum with a round brush attachment

Cleaning Products

  • 1 All-purpose cleaner
  • 1 Glass cleaner


Work with the Right Tools

Feather dusters, and even certain dusting products, don't genuinely remove dust—they simply relocate it from one spot to another. The solution? Opt for a microfiber cloth.

If you haven't given it a try yet, microfiber is the ultimate choice when it comes to dusting materials. This resilient fabric not only captures dust but also effectively picks it up, as opposed to merely displacing or spreading it around. When the cloth becomes dirty, you can conveniently toss it in the laundry and clean it using either the washer and dryer or hand-washing methods—both approaches work exceptionally well. You can easily purchase a pack of microfiber cloths online for just a few dollars, and they are highly efficient, reusable, and definitely worth the investment.

Start From the Ceiling

Now that you have your reliable microfiber cloth at hand, the temptation might arise to immediately start dusting the first thing you see at eye level. However, it's best to exercise restraint. 

To begin, take hold of your microfiber duster attached to a pole and carefully wrap it around the blades of your ceiling fan. This step is particularly important, especially when dealing with ceiling fans. There's nothing more counterproductive than turning on a dusty ceiling fan and witnessing the room being engulfed in a flurry of dust particles, resembling a dirty snowstorm.

Next, slightly dampen your microfiber cloth and apply a single spray of your preferred all-purpose cleaner directly onto the cloth. With gentle motions, proceed to wipe down the higher surfaces to effectively clean them off.



Get Help from Lightweight Vacuums

Get a lightweight vacuum equipped with a strap, as it will come in handy when dusting shelves, the tops of cabinets, moldings, and any other areas that require a thorough cleaning. It is advisable to personally hold the vacuum before purchasing it, ensuring that it is light enough to be lifted with one hand. To prevent accidental scratching while dusting, utilize the dusting cup attachment that comes with the vacuum.

Power of Microfibers

When it comes to eliminating dust from various surfaces in your home, microfiber is undoubtedly the top choice. In fact, there are even specialized microfiber towels designed specifically for cleaning glass, ensuring a streak-free shine and making the process much easier. Whether you're cleaning glass or wood, opting for a microfiber cloth guarantees the cleanest and most polished finish.

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