Which Rugs Are Machine Washable ?

May 3, 2020

Being able to machine wash an area rug is a huge bonus. Accidents happen and when spills occur, having a machine washable rug takes away a lot of the stress. The question is which rugs are machine washable?

Not all rugs can stand a run through the wash, but many can. Its backing material also plays a crucial effect on it. Even though some rug materials are washable due to the backing of the rug will allow you to wash it in the washing machine. A general rule of thumb is to always check the manufacturer’s directions before tossing it into the machine. A wash cycle should not be an often used cleaning technique for area rugs since repeated washes can shorten its life.

Rugs with rubber backing will wear quicker with frequent washings. Periodic washing can remove dirt, debris, pet dander and dust embedded deep into the rug’s fibre that vacuuming just won’t get rid of. Here’s a quick guide to the rug materials that are machine washable.


Cotton is one of the few natural rug fibres that are machine washable, which is why cotton is often a top choice. Not only is the price tag affordable, but cotton rugs are also comfy, cosy and wash up well in the machine.

Since the cost is inexpensive, a worn-out cotton rug is easy to replace. Just remember to air-dry. A run through the dryer can shrink a cotton rug much like cotton garments.


Olefin is a synthetic fibre that is a perfect pick for indoor and outdoor rugs because it is stain, mildew and moisture-resistant while coming in an array of attractive colours and styles. If a major cleaning is needed like after an outdoor season comes to an end, olefin can handle a machine wash.

A yearly wash can help keep any olefin rug fresh while seasonal ones may be needed in houses with little ones and pets.


Many synthetic fibres can be washed in machines and nylon rugs aren’t any different. Nylon rugs are not as durable as some synthetic fibres like polypropylene but are a great option for low traffic areas.

The occasional trip through the wash cycle works to rid the nylon area rug of built-up dirt and dust, but remember to use the gentle cycle, cold water and avoid drying in the dryer. Air drying is the preferred method after a wash.


Known for its budget-friendly price and soft touch, polyester rugs are fabulous. As with most synthetic rug fibres, polyester rugs are machine washable.

When washing a polyester rug, it’s a good idea to wash it solo. If you do blend it with another load, take care not to mix colours. Coldwater (30 C) and the gentle cycle with a mild laundry detergent work best when washing a polyester rug.

Our Caimas Collection is made of polyester which makes it durable for hundreds of washing. Check our machine washable rugs!


Like olefin, polypropylene rugs are excellent for high traffic areas and ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Polypropylene is one of the more durable synthetic rug fibres. It can be washed in the machine or hand-washed outside with a garden hose and a mild dish detergent.

As with other synthetic rugs, do not toss in the dryer. Dryer heat can melt the polypropylene fibres. Air dry instead and take care not to place in direct sunlight.


Viscose is a semi-synthetic fibre. Its main ingredient is wood pulp, which is why viscose is often classified as a natural fibre and a synthetic one. While you can wash a viscose rug in a machine if necessary, a better option is a hand-wash or a spot clean since viscose rugs tend to be more on the sensitive side.

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