How to Decorate Boho with Colours

Dec 21, 2021

Introduction to Boho Style

So, today we’re talking about how to decorate Boho with colours.  What the boho style is about or talking about tips to achieve that look in your own home will be covered.

So buckle in let’s start talking about Boho. This style is really defined by being unconventional. This is the style that breaks the rules, this is the style that emulates nomadic life where you travel and you pick up different trinkets and pieces from your from your travels and on your journey in life. You sort of really incorporate that into your space. It is a very personal design style and it’s really like by definition very eclectic. Let’s go over some of the benefits of the style. I think the first one is it usually doesn’t have to be but it is a bit colourful. As much as I see on social media or blogs, some of you really don’t love the fact that colourful notion. A lot of interior design over the last decade or so has been really favouring neutrals.

How to Decorate Boho with Colours: What are the benefits of Boho?

People like really clean white kitchens. Grey has been really popular and people have been like where is the colour? You know what? If you love colour and you love the energetic pop of colour in your space and you want to see all these colours play off each other, Boho is a really great way to do it. So, by using this kind of design style, some of the principles we talk about bringing them together you can play and have a lot of fun with colours. So if you love colour and the style might be good for you. Another advantage of boho, it’s super eclectic, fun and casual. It’s very homey and feels comfortable and I think if you want to have a lot of fun with your design style, I think you really like Boho.

And the third benefit of Boho is that it’s very personal. It really reflects the person that lives there.

Because sometimes some design styles can feel a bit manufactured and Boho style does not! It feels very individual to the person.

How to Decorate Boho with Colours: How to Create Boho Colour Palette

This design style loves colours. It’s a way that you can bring random colours together and sort of break some of the conventional rules and it still looks cohesive. In fact, you can be as colourful as you want to be. You can use green, you can go for gold details or blues. However, you don’t have to use these big rich beautiful colours. That’s kind of the classic boho we all think of. You can also use muted tones like beige or soft whites. That means you can also create a neutral space unlike what we talked about above. Also by going black and white, you can create a masculine look. That’s totally up to your imagination.

So for today, that’s all folks! We tried to explain how to design boho with colours and what colours you should use! Hopefully, it’s been helpful for you.

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