Nature's Palette: Incorporating Biophilic Design with Seasonal Rugs

Nov 29, 2023

If you are searching for something to add to the cozy ambiance of your home, then opting for a biophilic design in seasonal rugs could just be that transformative element your living space always needed. When shopping for rugs, you’ll often come across the term, “nature’s palette,” but what does that even mean.

Seasonal Rugs

The term “biophilic” was first used to identify something that relates to biophilia. The word was first coined by E.O. Wilson who was a biologist and mentioned it in his book “Biophilia,” released in 1984. In short, the term has got to do with the connection between humans and nature, and the fact that humans are innately attracted towards nature, and have a strong desire to be close to nature. That’s why we get that feeling of serenity whenever we’re strolling through the park.

When it comes to home décor, biophilic design means adopting a natural look and colors when searching for seasonal rugs, as in, opting for colors that are found in nature's palette.

This means, going for seasonal rugs that have that ability to ground a room. These are the characteristics that play a pivotal role in achieving the principles of Biophilic Design.

Welcome Spring with Floral Rugs

As we welcome the rejuvenating spirits of spring, let’s admit that floral rugs are the go-to for attaining that Biophilic bliss. Floral rugs are adorned with patterns of blossoms and often have vibrant hues that help capture the essence of nature's renewal, aka spring. If you want to give your home a fresh look with an organic touch, then floral rugs in hues from nature’s palette will bring the blossoms of spring to your home.

Coastal Rugs for Summer Serenity

Summer is that time of the year when you look to get that beach bod in shape and figure out what you’re going to wear to beach parties. But, that doesn’t mean your home can’t use some TLC with coastal rugs that inspire the summer breeze and the sea.  Coastal rugs are a great way to evoke the feeling of those rhythmic lapping of waves with shades of aquatic blue. You can lay the coastal rug in your living room or bedroom and it will fuse naturally with the surrounding ambiance with relative ease. So, this summer, you can beat the summer heat indoors with refreshing coastal rugs.

Hear the Whispers of Winter with Nordic Rugs

While the world is under a thick blanket of snow, you can count on a rich Nordic rug to add a touch of class and cozy comfort to your living space. These rugs are known for their geometric patterns that are associated with Scandinavian culture. So, this winter, remain snug as you enjoy the warmth of a Nordic rug.

While it’s good to keep your home’s décor up with the season, adding seasonal rugs from The Rugs that incorporate Biophilic design can spruce up any living space and reflect your personal style.

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