Rising Home Decoration Trend: Gothic

Feb 6, 2023

Rising Home Decoration Trend: Gothic 

Hey, let’s talk about the the rising home decoration trend: Gothic, today. When you hear the term Gothic decor, what comes to mind? For most of us, it’s something along the lines of an all-black, macabre look that comes packed with animal bones, feathers, and various other witchy elements. The dramatics that come along with gothic or gothcore design instantly add a touch of offbeat opulence and historical relevance to your space. The origins of Gothic design began with dramatic Christian cathedrals and European castles, after all. 

Curious to find out more about the bold aesthetic? Below, we’re laying out some of the most elegant and effective ways to give your home that enviable Gothic style—whether you’re decorating an ornate heritage home or a modern condo in the city. 

Rising Home Decoration Trend Gothic: Add Black Accents 

It’s very obvious that the primary colour used when it comes to gothic decor is black, but this doesn’t mean you need to go all out and decorate your home all black. You can simply add black decorative pieces to add to the look! 

For example, you don’t need to re-carpet your home and go with a black or very dark carpet. You could simply add to the look with a black area rug or other decorative accents. 

Rising Home Decoration Trend Gothic: Match with Some Dark Furnishings 

Likewise, you don’t need to paint all the walls in your home black—unless you want to go extremely bold! You could simply add some black furnishings such as a sofa or coffee table to add to the look. In fact, white walls go great with gothic interior design when paired with black furnishings in the home such as sofas, coffee tables, or dining tables. 

Befriend with Dramatic Draperies 

Looking to take a more cosy approach? Consider laying dramatic drapery that will not only filter out bright light but also offer a bold statement within the room. Choose long and heavy velvet drapery that will comfortably reach the floor and create an elegant ruching effect at the foot of the drape. For an extra touch of drama, consider employing tassels or fringe to add another layer of opulence to the overall look.

Light Up with Candles 

No Gothic-inspired space is complete without an ample amount of candles. Not only do they create a warm glow to the space, but they also add another layer of visual interest. Instead of opting exclusively for matching candle jars or candlesticks, mix and match a variety of both sizes to add texture and opulence to the space. 

Apparently, that’s the end of our blog today. See you at the next one! 

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