Make Your Home Look Expensive

Apr 14, 2022

In today’s blog, we will talk about how to make your home look expensive only in two steps no matter what your design style is. The great thing about today’s tips is that they’re kind of universal. So no matter what your design style may or may not be, they’re going to increase the overall quality and feel of your home. So, let’s jump in! 

How to Make Your Home Look Expensive: Use Neutral Base 

Expensive looking spaces mostly use neutral items and furniture as their base pieces, and then they’ll incorporate pattern and colour and texture via the accessories. If you’ve ever come across a photo of classy looking and posh space in a magazine or on social media, majority of them actually might be using neutral and softer tones. So that’s something that you can definitely do too. For instance, if you choose a neutral coloured rug, it will also potentially save you money in the long run. Because the couch that you love now might look boring to you in two years down the road. When you decide to go change your furniture, table or any item around room, your neutral coloured rug will easily absorb and balance the design and colour of your new item. This way, you won’t also have change your rug over and over. So, that means neutral pieces are must. 

How to Make Your Home Look Expensive: Vintage Rugs 

Vintage rugs will upgrade your space wherever you put it. Vintage rugs will elevate your space in a way that not a lot of other items can. So if you can find a vintage rug that you love, in my opinion, it will 100% worth every penny. You can always use a vintage style rug as well. Also, scale is important when choosing your rug. Generally you should go bigger or as big as possible for the size of your space as well. Definitely don’t go small. You want to make sure you’re getting the size of your rug right. If you get the size of the rug wrong, it’s really going throw off the look and feel of a room so you’re just better off not using one if the size is going to be off. 

Bonus Trick: Declutter 

The bonus trick for your space to feel high end or expensive is to declutter. It may  be a lot easier to keep things clean if you have fewer things. I know it’s really hard to part with the things that you’ve spent your hard earned cash on and it’s even more difficult to part with things that have sentimental value. But I really think it’s important to take a hard look at what you own right now and ask yourself if it’s still serving a purpose in your life. If it’s still making you happy, and if it is, that’s fine. Keep it. But if it isn’t, then consider maybe donating it or storing it away and picking it up later on and just seeing if you still want that thing in your life. 

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