Simple DIY Projects to Bring Autumn into Your Home

Oct 11, 2022

Welcome the fall season in style with DIY projects that will make your family proud and your guests amazed.

Simple Fall DIY Projects for Adults

No need to scour the internet for ideas. We have accumulated a number of them for you that take little to no time to complete. The best part? You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve these. You just need some items lying around your home and in nature:

1.Make a Banner with Candy Corn

If you are obsessed with candy corn, you have plenty to use for this DIY project. Create candy corn pennants that you can hang around your home. Just get any banner from the store, and string it with yellow, orange, or wooden beads to complete the ensemble.

2.Make a Vase from Butternut Squash

What better way to display autumn floral arrangements than in seasonal butternut squash? Hollow out this traditional fall vegetable, fill it with water and arrange the blooms for a masterful centrepiece for your dinner table.

3.Make Potpourri from Scratch

Infuse your home with the irresistible scent of bay leaves, cinnamon, and essential oils with homemade potpourri. Get a whiff of autumn as soon as you step into your home.

4.Make a Crock Pumpkin Perch

Make your front entrance a sight for sore eyes this autumn by decorating it with a range of pumpkins perched on crocks. Use a range of sizes and colours for a striking look.

5.Make a Pumpkin Centrepiece

So what if you cannot get your hands on the perfect pumpkins for your home? You can make a centrepiece by creating them from fabric scraps. Start with a round piece and a batting ball the size of the desired pumpkin. Gather the cloth around the batting and glue it to the centre. Add a realistic touch by adding twigs and leaves. Place a runner in the middle of your table and pile your creations on top with other seasonal greenery. This centrepiece will also look great on top of your fireplace.

6.Make a Plaid and Table Setting

Make a warm and cosy table setting using a wool blanket you don’t mind cutting up. Cut it up into placemats or add some nuts and thread using twine to make napkin rings. You can also go further by writing guest names on wooden spoons.

7.Make a Flowery Centrepiece

Just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean you should pick dull-coloured blooms for your centrepiece. Go for vibrant red and orange hues and mix them with fall berries and leaves. Make a strong base with stiff branches before moving onto fragile materials. Complete the centrepiece by tying a ribbon around it.

8.Make a Wine Cork Pumpkin

Do you have any old corks lying around? Don’t discard them. Repurpose them into cute little pumpkins or snowmen by gathering them together into these shapes. Paint them with fall colours for a vibrant result.

9.Make an Acorn Picture Frame

If you have old frames lying around, stick real acorns to them before adding pictures. It’s easy and will bring autumn into your home. It is the most convenient and fastest DIY project you can do this season.

Make your home a fall wonderland using these DIY project ideas. Celebrate the nippy season with style and grace that your family and guests will appreciate.

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