7 Kitchen Shelving Ideas for a Productive Cooking Space

May 26, 2023

The kitchen is where you unwind, get together with the family, and let your creativity loose. Ensuring it is neat and tidy can reduce stress and make the space more productive. Striking a balance between practical and elegant can be tricky, but our kitchen shelving ideas can help you figure out a solution that’s best for you.

Top Ideas for Kitchen Shelves for a Productive and Attractive Space

Here are some tips that can take your kitchen shelves to the next level:

1.     Create Interest Using Kitchen Shelves

To give your kitchen an interesting look, play around with the shelves. Mix large statement pieces with smaller ones and group them together for a striking ambience. Play with form and colour to keep the look interesting. For example, fill pots with glass lids with colourful props or utensils to add a pop of colour. 

2.     Have a Shelving Unit Fitted Professionally 

Sure, you can get ready-made kitchen shelves from a store, but if you have a different vision, why not commission a furniture maker? They can ensure you make the best use of the space you have. For example, they can create a joiner to get around awkward shapes in the walls and conceal pipes.

Similarly, large shelves can be customized according to the skirting, making for a neat finish.

3.     Go Sleek With Glass Shelves

For a sleek and clean look, go for open glass shelves. Paired with brass brackets, these can add a stylish element to a sophisticated kitchen. The clear material will make the space look brighter, especially if it gets sunlight. The polished brass brackets will stand out against a dark backdrop like shiny accessories.

Hang these shelves directly above a wine refrigerator so you can stack barware on them, such as shot and wine glasses.

4.     Create Symmetry

Symmetrical shelving is ideal for small kitchens since it makes the space look bigger. These shelves also make a cluttered kitchen look more organised and balanced. Place kitchen shelves on either side of the stove to achieve this look.

You can play around with the ambience by zoning items. Dedicate one side to crockery or glassware and the other to ingredients. Use shelves made of recycled wood for a rustic look and stainless steel for a modern look.

5.     Create A DIY Drinks Bar

If you want to keep drinks nearby and accessible when guests come over, create a home bar with kitchen shelves. It doesn't have to be elaborate. If you are short on space, use one shelf for drinks and another for glassware such as cocktail and shot glasses. Make sure the shelf with the alcohol is out of your children's reach.

Add a fun element with a quirky neon sign or a chalkboard. Write the names of the drinks you can make on the board to personalize the space.

6.     Use Contrast

Two-toned cabinets are one of the best ways to update a kitchen's look. You can achieve the same look with open shelving options. Use light wooden shelves as open upper cabinets and contrast them with grey base cabinets at the bottom. A striking blue island will complete the look.

The open shelving will make the room look more spacious and organized. The contrast will make the kitchen look more vibrant.

7.     Use Wood Shelves

If you want to use wooden shelves, you can get really creative. Think about the thickness you want. You can go for a chunky shelf for a bold look or a slim one for a refined look. Since each wooden piece is different, you don’t have to pare the material down to get a custom look. Create an interplay between the wooden shelves of different shapes to make a pattern.

Final Words

Kitchen shelves don't have to be uniform to be functional or of the same color to be aesthetically pleasing. Play around with different ideas per your needs and the space you have to work with. Use hanging storage options such as pegs for pots and pans you can hang or a dedicated hanging rack that can free up more space in your kitchen without ruining the aesthetic you are going for.

Use the kitchen shelving tips in our guide to making the space practical, organised, and soothing to the senses.

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