7 Incredible Wall Mural Ideas for Your Home

May 8, 2023

Do you have boring, colourless, or lifeless walls in your room that desperately need to be revamped? From colour palettes and design to the style of the décor, furniture, and wall art, a house isn’t a home until it tells the tale of who you are while showcasing your personality.

For years, wall murals have been used to give a statement and add a personal touch to the room. With so many wall mural designs and themes in the market, finding the right one requires thorough research and an expert eye. So, if you are facing trouble in finding a good wall mural for your home, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of seven amazing wall mural ideas for you. Keep reading to get inspired.

What Is a Wall Mural?

Since prehistoric times, murals have been used by people to express themselves. From hand-painted illustrations to photograph or digital art, wall murals are a large-scale, real-life image that you can attach to any wall in your home. Transforming a blank wall into a stunning visual masterpiece, wall murals can be used to tie the room together and create a design statement.

7 Stunning Wall Mural Ideas

Selecting the right wall mural is important for decorating your home since it can set the tone for the entire space. While rooms with a sense of elegance, grandeur, and richness never go out of style, achieving this without going overboard can be difficult. Rooms with blank walls might feel lifeless, while too many bookcases and hanging pictures can feel cluttered. Fortunately, peel-and-stick wall murals make it simple to obtain luxurious and beautiful walls without the mess. Here are seven wall mural ideas to transform an ordinary room into extraordinary.

1.      Abstract Art

If you want to add an artistic yet modern touch to a room, consider investing in a multi-colour abstract wall mural. The best thing about abstract wall murals is that they can be customised according to your needs. Find a wall mural that complements the existing furniture and décor of the room. For example, if you want to renovate the kid’s play room, opt for a bright coloured wall mural with yellow, blue, and red splotches.

2.      The Traveller

Do you love to travel and explore new places? Landscape and map wall murals are the perfect choice for you. Choose a map of your favourite country or city, and attach it to the wall. You can also use miniature sized stick-able 3D wall arts to highlight iconic buildings or famous landmarks.

Pro-Tip: If you don’t have a famous city or country, get the world map wall mural.

3.      Timeless Classics

When it comes to wall murals, you can never go wrong with a classic piece of art. Imagine waking up to a wall featuring the stunning Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Reframing a famous painting to the size of the wall in your room is an excellent way to express your personal style in a cost-effective way. While selecting the painting or artwork, make sure that it matches with the colour palette of the room, as it will give a more cohesive and sophisticated look.

4.      Modern Wall Art

Is the empty space behind the console bothering you? Place a layered mural to personalise the wall behind the console. Use a pencil and measuring tape to mark the desired width and height of the arch. Use a contrasting colour to paint the arch and let it dry. Next, print out a wall mural of your preferred design and trace it using a medium-point paint marker. Once the outline is dry, fill in the empty spaces with colours that go with the décor on the console. 

5.      Floral Wall Mural

No rule states that a wall mural has to cover an entire wall to create a stunning visual effect. If you are revamping your living room, place the sofa and a coffee table with a wall and apply a wall mural featuring supersize blossoms to give the room a pop of colour. You can use a pencil and projector to find the ideal area to place the wall mural.

6.      Geometric Wall Mural

Transform a plain black and white wall into a modern one using geometric shapes. If you do not like multi-coloured walls, create 20 to 30 overlapping shapes (preferably squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals, circles, and hexagons) and paint them with three to four colours. In case you don’t want to paint the wall mural yourself, get a ready-made stick and peel geometric shapes and place the randomly all over the wall.

7.      The Scenic Wall Mural

Whether you want to take your guests on a visual journey or want the room to tell a story, scenic wall murals are great. Find out your favourite scenery and hire a painter to make an eye-catching full-wall mural for you. Make sure that you choose a scenery with depth, details, and colours that make your room come to life.

Ending Note

If you are bored with the blank walls in your home, attaching wall murals is a great way to elevate the look and add a personalised touch to any room. With so many wall murals available on the market, use our guide to find a wall mural that best suits your style. Whether you opt for an abstract artistic, or textured, wall murals are an excellent way to make your living space feel more inviting and wow every one that steps into your home.

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