7 Living Room Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Aug 23, 2022

The living room can be described as the main artery of the house. Not only is it the central space connected to all of the rooms, it is also reflective of the house’s overall aesthetic. It is the most important space in a home where you entertain your guests and spend time with other people who live with you. A living room is, therefore, a window into your life, and homeowners should put in special attention when designing this room. There are multiple aspects to consider such as the space available, the functionality, the furniture, lighting, electric appliances, etc. You need to figure out the purpose of a living room in your home and how it should reflect your values and personality. For example, if you want a minimalist look, you will refrain from too much decoration. Like anything these days, there is no lack of ideas if you want to research and delve into different ideas for living room designs.
If you want to revamp your living room and design it according to your needs and creative vision, there is tons of material available. We have simplified it for you and narrowed it down to 7 living room ideas that can be incorporated in any space to truly breathe life into it and make it a living room not only in name. Take inspiration from any of these 7 ideas when looking to refresh your living room.

1) Turn to Nature

It is always a good idea to include natural elements in your living room, giving it a refreshing feel. Large, lush potted plants placed strategically around your living room can provide a pop of colour with the vibrant green and tie the room’s whole look together. Having plants around makes you breathe better and is a natural stress reliever. These leafy wonders will make you want to spend even more time in your living room.

2) Plush Velvet Furniture

This option is for those who want a more grandiose living room, but the feeling of luxury that velvet furniture provides is unmatched. However, velvet is truly unmatched in that, despite its luxurious exterior, the fabric is quite a practical choice for furniture. It does not have a raised weave. Therefore, it is not prone to snags and tears. Velvet is also easy to get stains out of as the substance spilled on it does not reach into the base of the fabric. You can always choose a richly colored velvet furniture piece to add an exquisite touch to your living room.

3) Install a Skylight

A skylight adds to any living room’s look by protecting it from harsh artificial lighting. Skylights are incredibly gorgeous on sunny days as you can see the sun pouring in the golden stream right from your roof, and you can curl up and bask in the gloriousness of it all. Most importantly, skylights are easier to install than windows. An efficient handyperson can easily install a skylight on your roof, and there is no need to contact window companies. Skylights are also more efficient at letting natural light into your house. There is no need for sun parlours when you can get one right in your living room.

4) Make A Case for Accent Walls

An accent wall is different from all the other walls around it. Accent walls are used for a bright pop of colour in any room or to showcase art such as murals. Accents walls might be deemed outdated now, but we firmly believe they are essential for an eye-catching vibrant living room. The most fun aspect of an accent wall is the sheer options you have for it. You can go all out or remain understated by painting it a different colour. It is one wall you can dedicate for your personal expression, and therein lies the beauty of the concept. Wallpaper, textures, and murals are all excellent choices for accent walls. Your living room would be so much more enjoyable with one.

5) Lots of Rugs

You can never go wrong with rugs. They are cosy, tie the whole look of a room together, and are excellent for demarcating spaces. A large rug can easily indicate where the living room starts and ends. A statement rug paired with neutral furniture is an excellent choice for a living room aesthetic. If you live somewhere with a temperate climate, shaggy rugs can also be ideal for winter days as they provide warmth and insulation.

6) Exposed Wooden Beams

Exposed ceiling beams have gained popularity in interior design due to an increased interest in rustic, farmhouse-style design. People want to go back to the basics and focus on including curated elements deliberately designed to look incomplete. We are huge fans of this particular aesthetic and believe exposed wooden beams add character to a living room. These beams are easy to install and provide the illusion of high ceilings, making your living room a light and airy space.

7) Multi-purpose Space

Gone are the days when the living room was specifically for entertaining guests. Due to smaller living spaces and people spending more time in their houses, you should now design your living room as a multi-purpose space where you can eat, watch tv with family and friends, or just lounge around. Many furniture pieces like ottomans are multi-purpose and can be incorporated easily into your living room.

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