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    Luxury Rugs

    Add a Touch of Class to Your Living Space!

    A luxury rug is exactly what it sounds like - a “luxury,” something that you won’t be experiencing every day. It’s a one-time thing, a treat, or something to mark a special occasion, like moving into a new home. Luxury rugs boast superior craftsmanship and are sumptuous and soft.
    Once placed on the flooring they immediately take on the position of complimenting and interior decor of a space. If you’re looking for one of the biggest selections of luxury rugs for your flooring, then we’ve got you covered.

    Why Buy Luxury Rugs?

    There has been a dramatic shift in what customers choose to adorn their floors. Gone are the days when the wall-to-wall carpet was the only option around; that dated interior decor approach is fast being replaced with slick and stylish luxury rugs.
    There’s a huge demand for luxury rugs of all sizes, especially since more people are privy to the expertise and skill required to craft a luxury rug.
    If you’ve got the urge lately to spruce up your home, then a luxury rug offers the perfect blend of design and functionality.

    Huge Selection of Luxury Rugs

    From mid-century to modern designs, you can choose from a huge selection of luxury rugs of all sizes and colours, courtesy of The Rugs. From organic shapes and floral designs to clean lines and earthy shades, there’s something for everyone who is looking for luxury rugs to complement their decor.

    Bauhaus Luxury Rugs

    Because of its modern charm, Bauhaus luxury rugs have of late been associated with fashion and chic interior design in many Scandinavian countries. Bauhaus luxury rugs, with their basic and geometric designs, are great for those looking for a trendy and adaptable design that can suit a variety of decor styles.
    They are also found in natural hues like as light brown and white to fit into practically any area. Office areas are especially ideal for this rug pattern since it is designed well, can take a lot of foot traffic, and works well under heavy office equipment.

    Luxury Oriental Rugs

    Oriental rugs, which are suitable for a variety of settings, have been a mainstay in home design for decades. They're popular because of the remarkable intricacy in the design, that's complemented by vibrant colours.
    Because of their size, oriental rugs are suitable for the dining room or living area, as well as the bedroom. The versatility of luxury oriental rugs stems from the variations of materials that are used in their design.

    Luxury Shag Rugs

    Modern shag rugs mix multiple fibres and textures to create an interesting look. The most popular shag rug is made of wool and has a tactile and exotic feel. It creates luxury appeal by being smooth and sumptuous with a rich texture.
    If you are looking for a luxury rug, but have pets around, then the shag rugs should be right up your alley.

    Hand-Made vs. Machine-Made Luxury Rugs

    When shopping for a luxury rug, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a hand-made rug or a machine-made rug. While the two differ in quality, both promise to enhance the interior of your home, however, the former tends to come with a higher price tag.
    So, how does one spot the difference between a machine-made rug and a hand-made rug? While the place you buy the rug from will happily tell you how the rug was made, there are a few things that you can learn to spot when choosing luxury rugs.
    The finishing can reveal how the rug was made. Focus on the edges; if you don’t see any stitching or glue marks at the end then the luxury rug was handmade. The same goes for the fringes as well. If the fringes of the rug act as a natural extension of the rest of the rug then it is handmade. Another quick trick to find the best handmade luxury rugs is to look under the rug. High-quality rugs tend to have more details on the back or the underside of the rug.

    Get ‘The Rugs’ that Make a Difference

    Once on the site, you will be greeted by premium quality products that have been neatly divided into categories that take the guesswork out of the process.
    At The Rugs, you can begin your search for that perfect piece by searching rugs by room; rugs by colour; rugs by style; or rugs by size.
    There’s also a ‘Rugs for Sale’ category that cuts right to the chase and offers you the best and latest collection of rugs for sale at amazingly low prices.

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