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    Faux Fur Rugs & Cow hides: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Placing, and Cleaning Your Faux Fur and Faux Sheepskin Rugs

    Also known as synthetic fur, faux fur or rugs have quickly become all the rage. These are made from synthetic materials such as acrylic, polyester, or modacrylic fibres, which means no animals are harmed in their construction. It is why faux furs are popular with people who love animals or work in animal welfare.

    What Size Faux Fur Rug Should You Get?

    The ideal size for a faux rug depends on the type and configuration of the space it is meant for and its size. You can bring your home's décor together with the perfectly sized rug.

    The good news is that sheepskin faux fur is available in a range of standard sizes, so you can easily find one that works for you. The designs go well with standard construction guidelines, so you first need to understand the common options and your room's size. Some standard sizes you will come across include the following:

    • 3 x 5 feet.
    • 5 x 5 feet
    • 8 x 10 feet
    • 9 x 12 feet
    • 12 x 15 feet

    You can find a range of sizes on The Rugs as well.

    Best Rooms for Faux Fur Placement

    Use these tips for optimal fax rug placement:

    Add It to a Bland Space

    Most interior designers add faux furs to neat and bland décor to add some texture and make the space look more inviting. Some faux fur has a luscious texture that can elevate a neat space.

    Add It to a Window Nook

    Who says that rugs are just meant for floors? A small faux rug will provide a cosy sitting place in a window reading nook. Choose pristine white or subtle pastels for a peaceful ambience.

    Place It in Your Living Room

    Lounge comfortably on a plush faux rug in your living room with friends, and time will fly by. The rug will add a luxurious charm to the space, which it may need if the décor is simple.

    How to Clean a Faux Sheepskin Rug

    Like any rug, your faux fur will also experience foot traffic which means it will get filthy with time. Here are some ways it should be cleaned:

    Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning is an efficient and damage-free way to get faux fur sheepskin rugs pristine again. The process is gentle on the fibres. If you just want to remove odours, baking soda may help. But it would be better to get the rug professionally dry cleaned if it is worse for wear.

    Washing Machine

    If the sheepskin faux fur is machine washable, you can toss it in there. But make sure you use a gentle cycle and mild detergent and avoid bleach and fabric softeners. These can deteriorate the fibres.

    Hand Washing

    Hand washing is ideal for faux furs that are on the delicate side. A large basin with cold water and mild detergent is a good soaking option. Agitate the rug in the water and rinse with clean water to get the soap out. Air dry after and ensure it is moisture-free before you place it back again. Otherwise, the rug may develop mould or mildew. Do not use direct sunlight or heat sources to dry.

    Buy a Range of Sheepskin Faux Furs from The Rugs

    You can find faux fur sheepskin rugs with soft and fluffy piles made from 100% modacrylic at The Rugs. We offer 55 x 80 cm sizes in various colours and designs. Each one has a non-slip backing made of latex, meaning it will not slide on tiles or wooden floors. Our faux rugs are all machine washable as well..


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