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    The Complete Guide to Orange Rugs - Popular Styles, Complementary Colours, and Care Tips

    Orange may seem like an unlikely and bold choice for a rug. But the fiery hue of orange rugs can contrast well with your existing décor and colour palette if placed strategically. While it is mostly preferred for bold décor, it can also be used to make a bland space pop.

    Most Popular Orange Rug Styles

    Depending on the colours and styles, rugs from The Rugs have something unique to offer. Besides protecting your floors, they give your décor a finished look and add a stylish flair. Orange rugs are no different, but the type you choose will affect the ambience you are going for. Some of the types that are popular with homeowners include the following:

    Shag Rugs

    An orange shag rug boasts a thick pile that is super soft and plush to the touch. While these are reminiscent of the style that was popular in the '70s, modern orange shag rugs are available in various patterns, colours, and hues that can go with any décor. Place these under your coffee table or pair them with a low-pile rug for a striking look.

    Antique Rugs

    Antique rugs are a cut above modern rugs for homeowners who want to invest in them. Most of the designs of these orange rugs cannot be found today, so we can say they are time capsules of bygone eras. Generally, at least 80 years old rugs are classified as antiques. These include:

    • Mongolian rugs.
    • English rugs
    • Angora rugs
    • Persian rugs
    • Oriental rugs.

    Vintage Rugs

    Like the antique variety, vintage orange rugs have a nostalgic look. Most of them hark back to the mid-20th century and are known for their artistic designs. Many contain pop art designs with minimalistic and surrealistic elements. Some of the types of vintage rugs you can find in orange include:

    • Moroccan rugs
    • Scandinavian rugs
    • Art deco rugs
    • Vintage Persian rugs

    What Colour Walls and Floors Work Well With an Orange Rug?

    Orange may be bold, but it can pair well with walls in neutral colours such as beige. Similarly, if the colour of the walls is similar to the orange rugs you choose, it will make the rugs look subtle. If it is more light peach than orange, paint the walls in white or ivory. On the other hand, if your orange rug is a light tangerine, it will pair well with tan and grey walls.

    The rug and floor combination you go for will depend on the effect you expect to achieve. A good idea is to ensure a smooth flow from the floor to the rug pattern for a uniform effect. The pairing should work if your orange rugs have at least one colour that matches the floor. It is entirely up to you.

    It is undeniable that an orange rug is the best centrepiece for a room that is boldly designed. It makes an unapologetic statement as it strongly contrasts to add drama to a space.

    How to Care for Your Orange Rug

    Just like any other rug, orange rugs should be cared for regularly. Even if you go for a boldly orange rug, it will lose its vibrancy with time and foot traffic. Here are some ways you can slow this down:

    Vacuum between Rug Cleanings

    Even if you get your orange rugs professionally cleaned, vacuum them a few times a week regularly. While it may not remove all dirt and debris, it will suck up surface dirt and dust that can cause allergic reactions.

    Rotate Your Rugs

    Sunlight can reduce the vibrancy of your orange rugs. Prevent this from happening by rotating them or placing them away from the windows. Add drapes or blinds for shade. This will prevent uneven fading and wear.

    Keep Heavy Furniture Off Them

    Heavy furniture like antique armchairs and large sofa sets can create dents in your gorgeous orange rugs. You can use coasters to prevent those depressions or keep heavy furniture off them.

    Buy Vintage and Modern Orange Rugs from The Rugs

    Find various orange rugs in multiple sizes and hues at The Rugs. Besides solid orange, we have multi-coloured rugs that can pair well with your existing décor and chosen colour palette. From plain orange shag rugs to simple outdoor rugs, find what you are looking for here.

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