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    Add Warmth to Any Room with Elegant Throws!

    You can easily brighten up your home’s interior by adding a nice, cosy throw to your living space. When the popularity of fleece reached its height in the 80s, it began a new trend – of throws. This was mainly because the fleece wasn’t as bulky, did a great job at keeping folks warm, and didn’t take much room, either.
    The pliable design of throw blankets meant they looked stylish on sofas, beds, and chairs. Today, you can pick just about any type of throw you want, thanks to the different styles, colours, and sizes available.
    Draping a colourful throw across a sofa is a great way to add some warmth to an interior and make it look inviting to guests. These also work nicely for homes that have pets since a soft throw neatly placed over a chair where the family dog or cat likes to lounge on is a common practice.

    Bedroom Throw Blankets

    The versatility of throws means they can be used in just about any room in your home. A smart choice for using a throw blanket is by draping one tastefully across your bed.
    You can fold the throw entirely and set it on a corner of the bed, or you can use the throw blanket as a type of runner over a duvet.
    When selecting a throw for your bedroom, try to match the throw blanket to the secondary colour of the bedroom. For example, if you have a lot of greys and a little white, a white colour throw will make more of an impact.

    Decoration Throws

    Themed throws for children's rooms featuring characters from TV shows or cartoons on them can make fantastic gifts that also add a personal touch. A throw over a child's bed can help promote a proper sleep ritual and improve sleep.
    However, throws are frequently used for decoration, and at certain seasons of the year, it's not unheard of to see throw blankets sporting themes of Christmas or some other celebration.
    A tastefully designed throw can be the perfect choice for improving any seasonal decor in your living space and will most likely be stored after the season is through. That said, throw blankets are a staple in homes once winter sets in.

    Throws for the Season

    Throws, unlike many other types of décor items, have a utilitarian aspect and are ideal for those chilly winter evenings when you want to keep heating expenses down but yet need a little covering to keep you warm.
    On the other hand, lightweight throws are the ideal choice for those balmy summer, spring, and autumn seasons when only a light covering is required. Throws are a terrific way for pet owners to keep their furniture looking lovely while adding a touch of flair to the room. It also makes clean-up as simple as shaking the throw outside to get rid of any pet hair.

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