Don’t Do These Mistakes in Your Living Room

Apr 22, 2022


While we try to talk about what you should do in yourm space, today we want tell you ‘ Don’t Do These Mistakes in Your Living Room.’’ 

A Room that Feels Incohesive 

So, the mistake number one is not focusing enough on making a cohesive living room. People go to stores. They like things in isolation and they don’t really think about how they are going to play against the other things that are already in their home. They bring it home and then they are like ‘’Why does this place not look good?’’ It looks good and it just doesn’t work when I get it home. That is because I think you’re not really focusing on creating a cohesive space.  If you repeat colours and patterns, shape, texture, design style and different elements in your space you create what’s called rhythm and it sort of guides you through your living room to make it feel cohesive and make it feel like everything belongs together. Basically, what you need to do is focus more on how all these different elements are going to play off each other, how they’re going work with the fixed elements that you already have. 

Not Enough Colour Variation In Your Space  

Another mistake can be called as not enough variation in your space. So, this is almost at first going to contradict where I just said about being cohesive. But I promise you it does not. When you go and figure out what your colour palette is going to be, you should be taking into account the different tints, tones and shades of the different hues that you are choosing. So, remember that if you choose blue and you want to work with maybe really light blue, you can work with dark blue. You can even work with an off white colours that has a blue undertone because you’re basically working with all the different tints. Tones and shades that all belong to the color blue. There needs to be some variation in tone. 

Rug is Too Small  

Another one on the list of living room mistakes is your rug is too small. There’s only a couple options here. The first option, that is putting the front two legs of your sofa and your side chairs on top of the rug to get out that tape measure and measure of the rug because you’re going to be looking for something that isn’t going to carpet to all different areas of the wall but is going to be just enough for the front two furniture legs. That is option one. The option 2, especially if you have a larger space. So, this is really only for those who have the grand living room. What you can do is to place all the furniture legs on top. What is not happening ever is a rug that is so small that the coffee table barely covers it. Of course, you must have seen this kind of rugs and decorations and you know what I’m talking about. You should definitely stay away from those postage stamp sized rugs. 

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