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Mar 11, 2021

1. When will new stocks arrive for ‘Out of stock’ Products?

The items or sizes that you see ‘Out of Stock’ on our website, are back in approximately 1-2 months.

You can always drop in a message to follow up on this or click the size that you want and a “Notify Me” button will pop up under the add to cart button.

After clicking on Notify Me button, please leave your valid email address. Once the item is back in stock, we will automatically notify you by email.

2. Is it normal to find bumps or creases on a new rug?

Oh yes, it is very normal. Due to the rug being wrapped as a roll, it is natural for those creases and bumps to remain for a while when you first unroll it. So don’t worry, your rug is absolutely normal. To accelerate the process of making your rug flat, please follow the instructions in the ” Rug Guide” attached to your rug which is also explained in the next question.

3. How can I flatten my rug to make it look like the pictures?

The longest a rug would take to flatten is 4 weeks. Usually, this depends on how long it was wrapped too. Some ways you can fasten the process of flattening are:

  1. Fold your rug in the opposite direction to remove the wavy effect
  2. Gently hoover the rug on the top side (Don’t worry, all our rugs are shed free).
  3. Place heavy objects on the edges and centre

These are the three simple ways to flatten rugs but the process needs to be repeated until you see that it’s working.

4. Are all the rugs Machine Washable?

No! Our Popular Machine Washable Rug collections are Caimas Collection, Soft Shaggy Rugs and Washable Shaggy Rugs. You can find the necessary details for each product in its product description which will point out whether it is machine washable or not. If you would like to know more about washable rugs, I really suggest you have a look at our ” Which are machine washable ?” blog so you can have more knowledge.

5. How can I wash the washable rugs?

All you need to do is;

  • fold the rug
  • pop it into the machine
  • set it to 30 degrees ( No tumble dry or bleach)
  • And press start!

Here’s a quick video of how you can wash the rugs in a simple process.

6. Can I put the rug in the dryer after a wash?

We don’t advise it. Why? The heat radiated from a dryer is significantly high which could damage the rugs.

7. How do I return my rug?

While we’re sure you’ll love what you’ve ordered, we understand that sometimes you might have second thoughts. We accept all return request within 14 calendar days from the date the order is delivered.

  • For small size rugs ( up to 90 cm width ), you can directly go to Royal Mail website to book your free return label. You can use this link.
  • Simply type ” The-Rugs” as the retailer name and fill in the required information such as order number and full name.
  • Once you generate your return label, you can drop your order at any convenient post office.
  • For bigger sizes, please contact us with your order number, so we can arrange a collection from your address.
  • Please make sure that the item is well-packed in order to prevent any damage. If we receive the returned item damaged, no refund can be issued.

If you have any other questions rather than most asked questions we’re asked, don’t shy away from emailing us at or send an inbox message on Instagram / Facebook. We’re quite quick with replies even on weekends.

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