Set the scene for summer parties! ⛱

Jun 24, 2021

Is everyone ready to set the scene for summer parties? 😍

Let’s raise our glasses to long summer days and warm evenings and the chance to finally get together with friends and families.

No matter you are outdoor or indoor this summer.


We know we couldn’t help saying every time but our one and only outdoor collection is more than enough to cherish and garnish the gardens. As we previously said, especially for those of us who will prefer to do ‘’staycation’’ this summer, we couldn’t think of a better option.

Additionally, classic or playful, bold or subtle, this season’s stripes on fabrics or rugs is a style hero.

On the hunt for affordable design?

When you see any rug that has a “designer” vibe, you might suppose they are going to be comparatively expensive. Here, we step in! If you will be indoor this summer enjoying long‑awaited summer with your loved ones, Marrakech collection, celebrating the classic form and avant garde colours all in once, can be the right choice for indoors. If you are saying you love a traditional home home but contemporary details can be so exciting, Marrakech will help you incorporate both 🧡

These beauties will make your home look expensive without the big spend thanks to their unique designs and eye catching colours.

The prices will be the great deal. 💯

Style Update: Montana

You can also update your indoor space with breezy blues backed with sift greys or pearly whites. Give your space a year‑round glam with traditional theme featuring. Either you fancy a fun house bursting with colours and energy or a house which has softer touches, crisp and clean lines, bright and block colours of Montana will define your home and shape into a more sophisticated look. 💙

Alright folks, that’s all for today! While the summer we’ve been impatiently waiting for is finally here, let’s set the scene for summer parties together.

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