Top Coat Hanging Ideas for a Decluttered Hallway

May 26, 2023

Nothing is more detrimental to your hallway aesthetic than a cluttered coat rack. Your stress likely skyrockets if your entryway is cluttered with coats, shoes, and hats. We have several solutions in this guide.

Top 9 Coat Hanging Ideas That Will De-Stress You

Whether you have a narrow hallway or cramped corners, these tips can help you with your coat storage issues:

1.Install Hidden Cupboards

Before using this tip, check how deep your hallway is. It should accommodate at least a row of hidden cupboards or a single unit. The space should be a bit deeper than the width of a coat hanger. Use this space to hang jackets, coats, shoes, and boots. If you have a space for baskets, place some for gloves, hats, dog leashes, etc.

2.Use Door Hooks

Use hooks if you want a discreet and inexpensive way to hang coats in your hallway. Screw them in or use strong adhesive hooks that can withstand the weight of wet and heavy coats.

3.Use a Leaning Coat Rail

If you live in a rental apartment or don't want to invest in a permanent coat storage solution, opt for a leaning coat rail. It is easy to install and flexible enough to accommodate all items. The freestanding design can lean against any wall and remain in place, so you don't need to ruin your walls or plaster with hooks and screws.

Plus, you can move the rail easily anywhere in your living space and move with it when you relocate. Opt for a leaning rail with a shelf on top for extra utility.

4.     Choose a Hallway Bench with Coat Stand

A coat rack may get the job done, but few are stylish. A hallway bench with a coat stand looks great and is quite practical. The benches will look like a design feature of the house, offer a place to sit when someone is removing their shoes, and provide a place where they can hang their coat.

The combo will free up floor space which you can use for houseplants or just space to move about.

5.Utilize Your Porch

If you have a porch, use it as a coat-hanging option. Turn it into a coat room so your hallway will remain clear. Install the hooks at eye level, ensuring sufficient space for boots and shoes. If you have sufficient wall space, add pictures and other hanging décor to liven up this outdoor coat rack option.

6.Use the Space Underneath the Stairs

If you have a cupboard under the stairs about 80 cm deep, turn it into a coat closet. To improve accessibility, add doors in the front. The result will be a convenient and out-of-sight coat rack which will reduce your stress and clutter at the same time.

7.Use an Open Storage Unit

Open storage solutions are for more than just your bedroom. You can install one in the hallway as a makeshift coat storage solution. It's also more cost-efficient than a dedicated coat space. Create a hanging space above and add shelves where you can organize items. Also, add pegs where you can hang coats. Install a curtain in front so everything is out of sight.

8.Upgrade Your Mirror

No need to remove the hallway mirror if you want to use the space for a coat rack. Add a few hooks underneath or on the frame's bottom to make one. You can also get mirrors with hooks from the store. This way, you can ensure you look presentable before stepping out and have a space to hang your coat, hat, and gloves.

9.Use a Traditional Coat Stand

Keep it simple with a traditional coat stand. If you have little space and want an attractive option for coats and hats, get a metallic black coat stand that can take pride of place in your hallway. It will look stylish by the door, and you can grab what you need as you head out. Just make sure it doesn't become a dumping ground. It defeats the purpose if the stand is hidden under a pile of coats.

Final Words

Every hallway has a coat storage solution if you are creative enough. If you are short on time or money, we are sure our coat rack ideas will help you get a good start.

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