Bookshelf Ideas - 5 Ways a Reader Can Show Off Their Book Collection

Feb 23, 2023

A bookshelf is a common sight in an avid reader’s house. A proper bookshelf can hold and preserve their book collection. However, a bookshelf's only purpose is not just to hold all your books, but it is also to add some beauty and a touch of character to your interior design. This is why many people who don't even read so many books themselves have a proper bookshelf that they can decorate.

Well, whether you are among the latter group of people or someone who actually enjoys reading books - everyone needs a stylish bookshelf that can add an instant appeal to their house. And just as Sydney Smith said, "there is no furniture as charming as books, even if you ever open them or read a single word" - so today, without further ado, let's learn about five stylish and fun ways you can show off your book collection by using these bookshelf ideas in your home décor.

5 Bookshelf Ideas to Show Off Your Book Collection

1.      Place a Floor to Ceiling Bookshelf 

Old but classic, the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf never gets out of style. It is one of the best ways to utilise an empty wall and also accommodate all your favourite books in one piece of furniture. The type of bookshelf always adds an ethereal yet cosy feel to the room. You can use a darker coloured wood for this bookshelf if you relate to the dark academia aesthetic and would like to give your house this aesthetic as well. Whether you have a separate library or not, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf can upgrade the look of any room you add it to, be it your living room or even your bedroom.

2.      Sneak in a Bookshelf in an Unused Space

Do you have those spaces in your house where you cannot fit any furniture - like they don't actually look empty but would also look better used? Well, one great way to utilise this negative space would be to place a bookshelf.

For example, if you have a window at the centre of your living room and ample negative space on each side of the window - what can you do with that space? Surely you can keep a single chair or sofa in such an awkward place. So how do you utilise it? Try placing a long rectangular shelf that you can decorate with books as well as your favourite decoration pieces - there is no restriction here.

3.      Create a Reading Nook

Who doesn't love a reading nook in their house - this corner of peace is especially important if you are sharing your house with other family members and do not have a separate reading room. In such cases, a reading nook is a book lover's only hope of solace.

Create your own space surrounded by your books. All you need is a stylish wooden bookshelf that can hold all your books, some decorative items, and a small seating arrangement. You can take this corner's decoration up a notch by placing either a recliner or a small coffee table with a pair of chairs, a long accent lamp for the spotlight and a beautiful yet modern circular rug and see how this corner becomes the popular corner of your house.

4.      Add a Pop of Colour to a Neutral Room

White, beige and light grey are all the colours that are now popular in home décor. Nowadays, people prefer monotones for their interior design- and rightly so, as these colours give your house a spacious and clean look. However, let's not forget that without a small pop of colour, these monotones will only make your house appear soul-less and dull; you need to add a touch of hue to add some personality to your interior design. And one great way to do that would be with a bookshelf.

We are sure you'd think we are about to tell you to paint your bookshelf rainbow colours - but that's not the idea here. Sure, if it's a kid’s room, you can get a rainbow-coloured bookshelf, but for a mature and chic style, you can use your books to your advantage. One great way to arrange your bookshelf is to arrange the books by colour - this creates a symmetry that adds good aesthetic value to your beautiful bookshelf and the entire room.

5.      Turn Your Bed's Header into a Bookshelf

This is a super convenient ad space-saving idea of placing a bookshelf right behind your bed's header - this way, your favourite books can be a part of your bedroom, and you no longer have to run to the living room to get a new book to read every night. Moreover, this is extremely space-saving - you don't need another empty wall just to build a bookshelf. This design very cleverly utilises the wall that your bed is already using, and instead of wasting it with a long header, which is practically useless except for just its aesthetic value, it places books there. Therefore, it is not only practical but also adds to the aesthetics as well!

Your bed is a prime reading spot, and there is nothing better than finding our favourite books just arm's length from your bed. This idea is perfect for small houses and studio apartments where you cannot free up ample space for just bookshelves. Moreover, this is also a great idea for a kid's room or for those of us who live with bigger families and have some valuable books they don't like sharing and hence wouldn't want them on the house's common bookshelf!

Bookshelf Ideas You Need to Incorporate into Your House

Bookshelves may not seem like a necessity in every house, but they are a great way to decorate your house while also finding a clever way to store all your books. If you are a reader and book lover, you definitely need a stylish bookshelf in one of your rooms. Follow the bookshelf ideas mentioned above and show off your book collection!

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