Stay Cool: Energy-Efficient Home Cooling Tips for Summer🌞💦

Aug 4, 2023

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The last thing you need when the temperature increases is a home that is just a tad cooler than the outdoors. 

You don’t have to sweat through your clothes indoors during summer just to save on your utility bills. Use our energy-efficient home cooling tips for summer to reduce that stress and remain sweat free inside your home:

Block the Heat

Even the best cooling system can only do so much to keep the internal temperature in your home at a comfortable level if you get a ton of sunlight in your home. The heat from the rays will cook the temperature inside faster than the system can cool it down. 

Prevent that by shading windows and walls using covers such as awnings, drapes, or large potted plants. If you have a garden, plant large trees that shade your windows from the sun. 

Hack Your Windows

Most of the sunlight on your windows enters your home and becomes heat. You can block these by installing reflective window films, which block more than 99% of UV rays and solar heat. The former can harm your furniture, while the latter will make your cooling system work overtime, thus increasing your electricity bill. You can install them yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

Invest in an Awning 

If you don't want to plant a tree in front of your home, awnings are the next best thing. These can easily be installed above your windows and provide much-needed shade. The awning will block excessive sunlight, which will, in turn, reduce the amount of light and heat your home absorbs, keeping your indoors cool. 

Get an Automatic Thermostat

Your utility bill must be through the roof if your thermostat works 24/7. What if we told you there was a way to remain comfy at home and ensure your bills don't skyrocket? You have two options. You can turn off the system or set the thermostat to a lower temperature when you are not at home for hours.

However, you may come home to cooler temperatures than you are used to and must wait for the internal temperature to regulate. But you can solve this issue with a programmable thermostat. The system will shut off or run at a cooler temperature while you aren't home and set the temperature to a comfortable one when you enter your home. This way, you can rest easy knowing you will return to a comfortable home without paying an arm and a leg for it. 

Change Air Filters Regularly 

When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your air filters? A gunked-up filter blocks cool air from your AC, increasing your indoor temperature. Swap these out monthly and regularly. 

Too many homeowners fail to do this, only to pay for expensive repairs when their air conditioning system breaks down. Plus, they also end up paying more for utility bills as their system works double time to cool down their home. With time, the system may break down faster than you anticipate, and you may be unable to splurge on a new one immediately. 

Keep Vents Clean and Open 

If you feel some areas of your home are warmer than others, check the vents. They may be closed, or something in front of them blocking the air. Remove the obstruction or open the vents. Plus, get them cleaned out regularly by a professional to reduce debris and dirt buildup, which can otherwise infiltrate your cooling system and damage it from within irreparably. 

The maintenance will also maximize the efficiency of your cooling system, which will, in turn, reduce your energy bill significantly. 

Change the Lightbulbs

Check your bulbs if your home is still on the warm side. Incandescent bulbs produce a ton of heat which can increase the internal temperature bit by bit. Replace them with energy-saving options that don't emit much heat. You get the illumination you need, and your energy bill won't feel the difference. 

Save Money On Your Energy Bill Without Compromising Your Comfort!

You don't have to make your family summer during the scorching summer months just to save some money on your energy bill. Besides the tips mentioned above, consider other options, such as insulated curtains and heat-absorbing paint, to remain comfortable indoors. 

Maintain smart energy habits to reduce waste, enhance your cooling system’s efficiency and save money annually. 

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