How to Take Care Of and Utilize Begonia Plants

Oct 18, 2022

Popular Types of Begonia Plants

Some of the common types of begonias you will come across include the following:

Wax Begonias

Also known as annual or bedding begonias, wax begonias are usually planted under trees, hanging baskets, and window boxes. The plant can grow between six to 12 inches tall.

Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous begonias have strikingly colourful flowers and look gorgeous hanging from baskets and containers. They grow faster than wax begonias and can grow as tall as them. Some can grow up to three feet or more if they are grown in outdoor containers.

Cane Begonias

Cane begonias feature segmented stems and flowers that are in a range of different colours. Depending on their care and growing conditions, these can grow as large as five feet. Angel wing begonias belong to this group.

Rhizomatous Begonias

These begonias have the most interesting features compared to other species. Rhizomatous begonias have thick stems that grow horizontally on the soil’s surface. These can grow up to three feet in length if they are planted outside.

Rex Begonias

Rex Begonias are the most common types of begonias you can find in garden centres and florists. Their attractive foliage makes them stand out but is also difficult to maintain. If you can care for them, plant these begonias in flower beds or containers outside.

Top 10 Care Tips for Begonia Plants

Use these tips to make your begonias flourish:

  1. Plant your begonia in a pot that allows the roots at least two inches of space. A large pot will hold too much water and prevent the plant from growing properly.
  2. Place your plant in locations that get full or partial morning sunlight.
  3. Water the begonias on a schedule. Too much water can kill the plant, so ensure the soil you use has excellent drainage.
  4. Feed your begonias a mix of houseplant fertilizer at least once a month.
  5. Remove dead or dying blooms regularly. Otherwise, the plant will spend most of its energy trying to revive them than keeping itself healthy.
  6. Maintain 64 to 72°F for your begonias to grow well. These thrive in warm and humid climates.
  7. Begonias thrive in company. Group a few of your favourite houseplants around the plant to create a humid environment.
  8. When repotting, choose a container that is only an inch larger than the previous one. Otherwise, the roots can rot.
  9. Choose a potting mix with organic matter such as compost to ensure a healthy plant.
  10. You can propagate begonia plants through a leaf or stem cuttings. You can remove a section of a stem along with its roots.

Top Design Ideas for Begonias

You can play with design ideas using different begonia species. Here are some you can steal:

Create A Theme Using Red, White, and Blue Begonias

Red, white and blue begonias are often used to create patriotic colour schemes in gardens across the UK. While the combination is tricky to achieve in shaded gardens, it is possible with some research and help.

Add Golden Touches to Your Garden

If your garden is shady and cool in the summer, add a warm glow using yellow double and white double begonias. These will improve your home’s curb appeal by bringing warmth to your verandah. Depending on how lush you want the pot to look, you can fit three to five tubers in a single 12-inch planter. Add some green, white and gold options for a fresh look. You can also fill a garden nook with these tubers.

Begonia plants can make an excellent addition to your garden or verandah, even if you are short on space. They require care to flourish, but the results are worth the effort. Use the tips mentioned in this guide to experiment with your own arrangement and see for yourself.

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