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Aug 4, 2023


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As the season turns from chilly to sweltering, homeowners are preparing summer storage solutions to store winter gear and clutter. But the task doesn't have to be challenging. There are some tips that can expedite and streamline the process with minimal stress:

Wash Everything Before Storage 

Whether they look dirty or not, winter items should be washed before being stored. Check the labels for the laundry instructions and wash what you can at home. Send the rest for dry cleaning. Unwashed items can trap odour and body oils, attracting moths and making the item unwearable. If you don't have time, dispel the smell with a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender. A dryer sheet can also help in this regard. Make sure you empty the pockets of your clothes beforehand and fold rather than hang them when they are washed. Hanging will stretch out the fabric. 

Choose Storage Locations Wisely 

A cool and dark storage spot is ideal for your winter things. Temperature changes in the attic or garage can spike without warning and damage them. If you have little space, use the space under your bed for storage. Shove containers in there that you can use. That way, your stored items will be within easy reach and damage free.

Treat Special Materials Beforehand 

Leather may look luxurious and sturdy, but it can degrade quickly with time and without proper maintenance. Before storing leather shoes, purses, or jackets, treat the material with conditioning oil to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Similarly, make sure you store your furs in a climate-controlled environment and wool is dry-cleaned and stored in a breathable bag.

Add cedar blocks rather than moth balls to woollen items to keep insects at bay. Plus, ensure rayon, cotton, and synthetic items are cleaned and folded in breathable garment bags. 

Clean Large Equipment First 

Before storing away skis and snowboards, give them a good wash first. Clean the surface, sand down the edges or sharpen them, apply fresh wax to prevent the material from drying out, and store them in bags or dust sheets. It will prevent the material from rusting or warping in storage. Plus, all winter sports equipment should be stored upright on a soft surface, such as on towels or carpets. 

Large equipment can get damaged easily even in storage especially if they aren’t stored properly. Splurging on new skis may be the last thing on your mind come winter. 

Don’t Store Super Valuable Things

If you cannot afford to lose an item, don’t put it in storage. Self-storage always comes with risks. You can forget where you kept the item, or someone may steal it when you aren't looking. So store daily heirlooms, jewellery, and artwork in an alternative, climate-controlled location or expensive storage unit. The damage may be irreparable otherwise, and you will lose your investment.

Pack Strategically 

 You don't know when you might want access to items in your storage unit, so pack items in there strategically. Store items you rarely need way in the back and the ones you need regularly in the front. Instead of crowding items around the bottom, benefit from the unit's height by stacking your items. Keep heavier ones close to the ground so they don't get damaged if they fall. Leave a pathway from the front of the unit to the back for easy accessibility. 

Protect the Items

Take the time to pack your items properly rather than stuff them inside in a hurry. That is the best way to sustain damage. Properly pack and wrap each item. Cover furniture in blankets or moving pads rather than plastic which can trap moisture. Box small and fragile items and wrap them in wrapping paper first. Store them so they don't move around too much in storage. 

Store Your Summer Items Smartly to Prevent Damage 

Whether you spent winter hitting the slopes or were cooped up at home to save yourself from the chill, you cannot deny that summer is well and truly here. Before you settle into the season, store your winter items away using the summer storage solutions in this guide. You will get the best return on your storage space whether you hire a unit or use empty spaces in your home. 

Storing smartly rather than haphazardly will save you a world of trouble and time and prevent your precious items from getting damaged. 

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