Top 6 Windowsill Décor Ideas That Can Take Interior Design to the Next Level

Dec 19, 2022

Your windowsill doesn’t have to remain empty. Use our windowsill décor ideas to make it part of the décor.

Top 6 Windowsill Décor Ideas to Elevate Your Home’s Style

If your windowsill is narrow, add shelves so you can have ample room for the décor you have in mind.

Make this space productive using our décor tips:

1. Add Planters

Planters can add a personal touch whether your windowsill is inside or just outside. Bring living house plants or cactuses that don’t need much care if you have little time to spare. Go for slim planters that can fit on your windowsill, and ensure the plants are child and pet safe.

2. Add a Daybed Underneath

If you don’t want to place anything on your windowsill, consider adding a cosy daybed underneath you can lounge on. Make the space aesthetically pleasing with colourful cushions and a throw rug. Look for a bed that can come up to the windowsill so you can push it right underneath the window.

3. Add Tiny Figurines

What’s cuter than a line of tiny and cute figurines on your windowsill? Make a whole zoo with a tiny herd of elephants, giraffes, and other wild animals. Or decorate with figurines of your favourite characters. Go for dark colours that absorb heat, so these can do double duty as heat absorbers and won’t melt or get damaged by exposure.

4. Create a Reading Nook

If your windowsill is wide enough to accommodate books, make the area into a reading nook. Add a sofa underneath with pillows for comfort so you can curl up with your favourite book whenever you want to. The reading nook will create a peaceful ambiance and elevate the décor.

You can add a floating shelf underneath the sill to accommodate your extensive book collection or add succulents or other décor items.

5. Create an Attractive Workspace

If you are still working from home, and have a spacious window sill, convert it into an attractive workstation. Extend the surface if needed by pushing your desk against it and place all of your cute stationery on the windowsill to make it stand out. It will give the space a professional and also cohesive look.

6. Display Seasonable Fruit

Organic produce on a kitchen windowsill makes a statement. Whether you love to cook or need inspiring décor ideas to get those creative juices flowing, adding fruit artistically on the windowsill can tick both boxes.

Use round and brightly coloured fruit such as apples, melons, and oranges and pile them in an attractive basket before placing them on the windowsill. If your kitchen window gets a lot of sunlight, choose fruits that don’t spoil quickly.

Your windowsills don’t have to remain empty. Use them to introduce nature into your living space or add personal touches that can make your house feel like a home. Choose items that speak to you on a personal level to make the décor stand out.

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