What You Should Declutter Before Autumn

Sep 3, 2023

If you're someone who stores out-of-season clothing in a separate area, whether out of necessity or preference, now is an excellent moment for the seasonal swap. Sweaters, winter accessories, and boots can consume a significant amount of closet space, so it's wise to assess your wardrobe as you make the transition. Consider donating any items that are no longer useful to you.

It's essential to curate your collection and retain only the finest pieces while parting with anything that has served its purpose. Experts recommend allocating specific spaces for different items to ensure that nothing feels overcrowded. This practice not only helps with organization but also keeps you aware of what you already have, preventing impulse purchases or the accumulation of duplicates, such as five black turtlenecks.

Storage Rooms

Preparing your storage areas, whether it's the garage, attic, or basement, for organization before the fall season is a valuable step. This process allows you to assess your inventory of seasonal decorations. While organizing, take the opportunity to identify and set aside any broken items or items you no longer use. Discovering that you haven't used certain items, like life-size mummies, for three years might inspire you to donate them so that someone else can enjoy them in the upcoming season.

Additionally, don't forget about the garage. Taking advantage of cooler fall weather is ideal for tackling garage organization. It can be too hot to organize garages during the summer, making the fall season the perfect time to address this task.

Outdoor Spaces

Even though many of us are preparing to bid farewell to our outdoor spaces as the chilly seasons approach, it's essential not to overlook them when it comes to pre-fall organization. In fact, giving them some attention before the cold weather arrives is even more crucial.

Porches, gardens, and patios should all be part of your pre-fall decluttering efforts to ensure a tidy outdoor space. However, these areas may require more time and effort compared to, for example, organizing your kitchen desk. To prevent burnout and make the process more manageable, consider breaking down your outdoor organizing project into smaller, bite-sized tasks. Focus on one specific area or category at a time to maintain motivation and ensure thorough decluttering and organization.

Seasonal Shoppings

Think of the pre-fall season as the calm before the storm. The holiday frenzy has not yet descended upon us, so now is the perfect opportunity to prepare for success from October through December.

"Thanks to pleasant weather and fewer holiday pressures, the pre-fall period creates an ideal environment for decluttering and boosting productivity. Getting organized before the cooler months arrive can help alleviate stress and make the transition into the busier holiday season much smoother."

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