Design Tips for Rentals

Apr 29, 2022
We live in a world and era where the majority of people rent and if you also live in a rental place and need some Design Tips for Rentals, here we go. 

First Design Tips for Rentals: Use Area Rugs

Honestly, if you don’t like what you see when you look down at your floor, you’re kind of stuck with that flooring. Because there’s not a whole lot you can do with it. That’s not something you can swap out yourself and no amount of stickers or deckles is going to save you. However, you can cover it up. So, do you think if you have like really like that low pile carpet that you can just very easily put an area rug over or if you have hardwood or laminate even better? You can always make it your own so whether you maybe want to decorate more in a boho style or something Scandinavian. In a nutshell, instead of having no end conversations with your landlord, covering that area with a rug will be much easier, time and money-saving. The mentality here is if you can’t remove them, cover them! 😎

Second Design Tips for Rentals: Change the lighting to create a focal point

Because of the title, what I will be talking about might look a little bit off the topic but believe me, it’s not! So, keep going. Just swap out lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures might be a great way to make a focal point in your home because of the light upright in the centre of the room. With the correct lighting fixture, you can create a really amazing focal point. you can always just swap it out for yourself again Maybe, your landlords aren’t interested in putting in some super amazing fabulous lighting fixtures but that doesn’t mean you can’t. So, you take the old ones, stuff at where those old faucets are. Then, you will how everything in your plays a role like a puzzle and completes and boosts one another. For instance, if you have a white fluffy shaggy rug or these vibrant eye-catching rugs, and if you support the other items in your room with proper lighting, everything will show off their colours and design. And your space will feel like professionally designed.

3rd Tip

Again, as I’ve just mentioned above, today I’m going with the different points that will actually complete and stick to each other, That is, paint your walls. It will really refresh the vibe of your space. And if you have or are about to have a rug in your space that might not look cohesive, renovating your walls might be a good choice. In the previous paragraph, I mentioned that these points, your rugs, furniture, your lighting and wall play a crucial role in each other. At this point, your imagination and taste in design definitely step in. If you have a rich patterned rug, you might want to go for a calmer colour on a wall or you can even mix and match. If you have plain but a colourful rug, you can make a contrast and balance it. Let your imagination take the wheel.

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