Vintage Kitchen Trends You’ll Fall In Love with

Feb 6, 2023

Shall we deep dive into the vintage kitchen trends you’ll fall in love with?  😍  

Retro kitchens are all the rage—we’ve come across many of these delightful spaces and are eager to share the trends with you if you, too, can’t resist good, old-fashioned retro style. But let’s take a step back first—what exactly constitutes a retro kitchen after all? When people talk about retro kitchens, they’re often referring to mid-century kitchens, which were famous for metal cabinets or cottage style wooden cabinets, countertops, and vintage appliances. 

If you live in a newer space, you can still achieve the retro look. One way to design and decorate retro kitchens is to start with your favourite colourful appliance and create a colour palette around it, designers share. If it becomes too bold, you can also incorporate different shades and tones of the colour as well. You can also maintain the bright retro feel by selectively emphasizing places like the wallpaper, appliances, and backsplash tile. 

Vintage Kitchen Trends You’ll Fall In Love with: Have Fun with Appliances 

Have fun with your appliances. Retro-inspired fridges can be spotted in many different homes today—everyone is enjoying taking a cue from decades past and going beyond the traditional white or stainless-steel fridge. With so many colours to choose from, there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to retro refrigerators. 

Vintage Kitchen Trends You’ll Fall In Love with: Classy Shelves 

What’s more fun than bright and colourful shelving? If you need to increase storage space in your kitchen, you may as well do it in a fun, retro-inspired way. If you share a space with roommates, you could even divvy up shelves by colour so that everyone remembers whose is whose. 

Of course, Vintage Details 

Don’t miss a single detail when it comes to decorating in retro style—even your kitchen accessories can have some fun vintage flair. These crocheted potholders immediately take us back to the 1970s thanks to their colorful, woven design. A vintage fan and clock above the fridge keep the theme going, too. 

Stick to Orange & Don’t Skip Flowers

Orange you glad you didn’t opt for boring kitchen appliances? Pick a bold colour for all of your day to day essentials and commit to it. A retro orange hue is bound to put a pep in your step each and every morning. 

Have fun with floral! Embrace the power of the flower in your kitchen with a fun print that will add some whimsy. The black and white design pairs wonderfully with the red kitchen backsplash, too. 

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