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    We Offer Superior-Quality Rugs in a Wide Variety of Styles and Designs

    Are you planning to re-decorate your home? Even though they are overlooked at times, adding the right rug adds life, colour, and personality to a room. With so many designs and size options available, you must search for rugs by style to ensure that every room gets a unique piece.

    At The-Rugs, we have a collection to best suit the style and design of your home, making revamping your humble abode easier than ever before!

    1.Modern Rugs

    Manufactured following high-end luxury standards, modern rugs are manufactured using premium materials like silk and cashmere. They are usually placed under the dining table or as a centerpiece in the living room or bedroom. Modern rugs usually elongate the room with triangles, arches, curves, and diagonal lines. Search for modern rugs by style.

    2.Moroccan Rugs

    Hand-woven by the people of Morocco, Moroccan rugs are one of the most unique rugs by style. The design of these rugs is inspired by Moroccan history and culture and features beautiful colours, patterns, and designs. You can place a Moroccan rug in the living room, home office, and bedroom.

    3.Abstract Rugs

    If you are a fan of colours, abstract rugs are the perfect pick. They not only add a unique style but gives life to any room that needs a pop. Unlike other rugs, abstract rugs feature a splash of colours and striking designs. They are ideal for kid rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

    4.Oriental Rugs

    Made of silk, cotton, or wool, oriental rugs are hand-knotted in Asia. These rugs have ancient art-inspired designs and are usually placed as a centerpiece of a living room. You can look for various oriental style rugs to find the one that blends well with the furniture in your house.

    5.Scandinavian Rugs

    Featuring carpet knots and needlework, Scandinavian Rugs are considered a form of folk art. They have a minimalistic design, making them a perfect addition to modern homes.

    We Have a Rug Collection That Best Suits the Style and Design of Your Home

    If you’re looking for modern rugs, oriental rugs, Moroccan rugs, washable rugs, outdoor rugs, Scandinavian rugs, or abstract rugs, The-Rugs have everything you need. You can visit our showroom or browse our digital store. We have premium-quality rugs in all shapes, styles, colours, and sizes.