5 Stunning Rugs for Winter

Jan 21, 2021

Winters are all about cosiness and warmth in your home interiors. So naturally you’ll be wanting to set those cosy winter vibes for your bedroom, living room or lounge. Therefore, we have selected 5 stunning rugs in our store for you to make most of this winter!

1. Soft Shaggy Rug

What could be better than having a machine washable, anti-slip and floor heating friendly rug that’s so soft where we lack adjectives to describe it. Maybe we could say it feels like ‘Walking on the clouds’.

This rug would be perfect to set a comforting space in your bedroom coming with incredible affordable prices.

The soft shaggy rug is available in Duck Egg Blue, Pink, Beige, Black, Grey and Ivory (White), in sizes ranging from 50×180 cm up onto 200×280 cm.

2. Montana Collection Modern Rug in Cream

Montana Collection rugs are available over 15 patterns and 4 different sizes.

This eye-catching design on the right is one of the most popular one in Montana collection. It has got a beautiful mixture of patterns with a faded look to give a modern yet vintage rug vibe with cream and grey tones.

Not only can this rug be appreciated for its looks, but it feels smooth enough for your feet to comfortable rest upon them. It would be an ideal rug that you’re looking to place in your dining area, living room or lounge.

We’ve got this rug available in sizes ranging from 80×150 cm up onto 200×290 cm

3. Washable Shaggy Rug

Another version of our Shaggy rugs which fulfils the requirement of not only setting a comfort zone but is also super friendly to your little children and pets at home with its thick 35mm pile that is non shred.

So, the fear of your child pulling & eating out bits, followed by rug damage from scratches by your furry friends, are all out of the window with the washable Shaggy Rug. It’s washable too so don’t worry any stains because those will vanish in one 30-degree machine wash.

These rugs would be an ideal fit for your bedroom or bathroom so weather it’s the first step of the day or a step out from a hot shower, it’ll be a cosy one.

This rug is available in sizes ranging from 50×80 cm to 120×170 cm in rectangle and 80×80 to 100×100 in round shapes.

4. Caimas Collection in Diamond Tiles

A trendsetter is what this rug is. This modern digitally printed design has given hallways, living rooms and lounges the missing piece to everyone’s home interior puzzles.

Let’s talk about the advantage of this rug. Yes, it’s machine washable so easy to clean. It’s suitable for floor heating so don’t worry about keeping yourself warm. It’s also anti slip so you won’t be sliding away like on a banana peel.

Also the colour of White and Black is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms for a cool and airy atmosphere. As a classic combination of ages, white and black colours make the best match for home decorations, especially for rugs.

You can have these as a runner for the hallway or a small / medium / large sized rug in your living room or lounge. The available sizes range from 40×60 cm to 180×270 cm.

5. Montana Collection Modern Rug in Brown/Blue Fade

Have you got a home interior that is more on the dark side than light colours? This Montana rug would collaborate well with such room atmospheres where the finishing eds are towards the dark blue sides that ultimately fade into a lighter brown version as it comes to the centre to allow a contrast of dark to light in your room perfectly.

The perfect setting of this rug would be at the centre of your living room or lounge. The sizes range from 20×150 cm to 200×290 cm.

Hope you like our 5 Stunning Rugs for the winter post and this would help you to pick the best rugs for this winter . Stay Tuned for future posts!

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