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2 comments Jun 17, 2021

As summer is coming, from vintage rugs to more inspiration ideas in our minds are exploding and we obviously can’t wait to share them all with you because as we share and create it makes us feel happier  😎

This time we are listing the some of the rugs that have never gone and will go out of style.

Other than that, lockdown restrictions made most of us seek the interior designers, craftsmen and stylists living inside us. With these mini clever tricks, you can be your own stylist. So, when we assume we might be supposed to spend our summer in or homes, we naturally might want to go more unique and stylish in our houses and here are some of the ideas popped up in our minds.

Vintage Rugs

First concept in our blog is unsurprisingly Vintage Rugs. Being called “old‑fashioned” has never been cooler before. Out of many things we can list here, if you fancy a unique yet approachable habitat, the answer is quite obvious and simple. While speaking of Vintage, a nostalgic beaded, floral or repetitive patterns splashed all over may appear in your mind. However, besides that, the other think you should think of how versatile and actually easy they are to combine with. For instance, you combine earthy hues. What does that mean?

Instead of using one colour on the floor, you can go for a multi‑coloured, earthy or blue toned vintage rugs. Shades that sit side by side naturally outdoors like green, grey and brown etc. will effortlessly work in harmony indoors, as well.

Vintage Rugs in a nutshell:

✅ Unique look

✅ Easy to combine

✅ Good mixture of different colours

Bonus: Extremely affordable on the‑ 😎

A beautiful duality: Old & New

What do we mean by that? I don’t know if you have seen our latest collection yet but Marrakech collection probably would be the best example for it. You might think they are similar to vintage rugs we mentioned above but, at least to me, they have a slightly different texture in them, a mixture of ‘’aged look’’ and energetic colours. If you want to preserve the classic and present decoration of your room but want to improve it with a contemporary design, this collection has all it takes! They provide a seamless connection, as the phrase goes, with their rusty looks but energetic colours. It has a softness in its design because of the natural patterns and materials used. It’s airy and the cool colours make it feel so tranquil wherever you put it!

Style Update ‑ A new approach to modernism: Scandi Touches

Heatwave of summer is already hitting well. Fortunately, these game changing but easy to reach modern rugs are a way to cool off the heat. We’ve always talked about minimal shapes or abstract designs but this time let’s have a look on different perpective of Scandinavian models; Tile Styled Rugs.

The thing with the geometric choices is that we mostly go back and forth between asymmetrical or square shapes. So we are delighted to talk about our tile‑like styled rugs in our Gustavo Collection for quick changes. First of all, you will love how natural forms they capture with radiant colours and consistent forms. These geometric designs add an eye‑catching element to any space, without drawing attention away from the decor. This geometric rug combines cubes, vibrant colours to give a 3D look, bring cosiness and floor space that makes the eyes dance.

These colours can open up space, making your room look bigger, brighter and cleaner with their bright combining tones. They can go with almost any colour scheme. As well as providing a canvas for those decorating their interiors, they will bring cosiness to your rooms.

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  • The Rugs July 27, 2023 at 11:33 am

    Hi John,
    For our outdoor rugs, you can find vintage and Moroccan styles, however, they do not have 180 by 270 cm sizes. You can choose either 160×230 cm or 200×290 cm sizes.

  • John Sharp July 27, 2023 at 11:28 am

    Looking for vintage style,outdoor rug 180by 270cm

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