The Quick Tips For Popular Decoration Styles

Apr 6, 2023

The fun of design is in the infinite number of possibilities that every room holds. As people in different places and times have come to agree (more or less) on what is and isn't a good look, numerous design styles have emerged until now there is a look for every home, every life and every eye. But there are those which continue to stand out, whether because they are so easily updated to remain modern or because they're so timeless that they just never seem to go completely out of style. But for a quick introduction to the major design motifs, here's our top 10 design styles. 

Modern & Farmhouse Style

A lot of people wouldn't expect farmhouse style to top a list like this, and that's exactly why it's here. Intentionally rustic and a bit old fashioned, modern farmhouse style stands at that perfect intersection of timelessness and easily updateable style. It's core elements, exposed wood beams, brick fireplaces and rough hewn surfaces have an irresistible charm that never completely fades. In fact it's precisely those elements that make farmhouse style so easy to bring into a modern aesthetic. All it takes to put a modern edge on the space is a geometric Moroccan rug and a modern standing lamp. The patterned brick interior of the fireplace is another nice touch that lends a contemporary air to this rustic space.

Country Style But In French Romanticness

An undoubtedly more traditional approach to interior design, the French Country style continues to charm homeowners with its elegance and style. Another rustic style, this time from the country hills of France, the style is characterized by it's ornamental flourishes—particularly in the lighting—traditional patterns and willingness to embrace asymmetry in the form of mismatched furniture and rough, textured areas.


Industrial design is typified by raw surfaces like exposed brick and iron work, stone or concrete floors, and an open-plan approach to spaces. The fun of industrial design is in finding the sophisticated side of these raw spaces. Here, it comes in the form of the subtle juxtaposition of textures between the stone floors, brick walls and exposed wooden supports. At the bar, a smooth, straight-edged, stone bar top is accompanied by classic-looking bar stools with curved metal legs and wood tops. As a finishing touch, the large bouquet of flowers on the dining room table soften the space just enough to keep it from feeling too moody.

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style is perfect for anyone who enjoys ornamentation without ostentation or enjoys a relaxed style that borders on minimalism but keeps a few flourishes. From a color perspective, it's important to remember that mediterranean is essentially a beach style, so you can expect to use a lot of blues and browns as the sun, sea and sand are the main influences. The combination of warm and cool colors creates a relaxing balance however which gives these spaces a laid back, resort-like feel.

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