Top 6 Galley Kitchen Ideas That Make Cooking Fun Again

Oct 11, 2022

Like a compact galley found on a ship, galley kitchens are designed to use limited space by adding more storage space and workstations. If you wish to install one in your home or optimize the one you have, these galley kitchen ideas can help.

Top Ways to Optimize Your Galley Kitchen

Here are some of the top ways you can make the most of your kitchen galley:

1.      Add Café Seating

Several galley kitchen designs have windows at the end that allow cool air and light to enter. If you have the space, add café-style seating where you can have a cup of coffee and breakfast or where you can meal prep comfortably. Build it right next to the window, use a wall-mounted table, or add a small table with chairs.

2.      Follow the Architecture

When you have limited space to work with, make sure the ideas you have for it flow with the architecture and not against it. For example, if you want to add more cabinets, ensure they follow the natural curve of your windows and hug irregular curves. It will give you a natural space for a dishwasher or a sink. Similarly, open shelving that feeds into an adjacent dining room will also open up space.

3.      Place Tall Cabinets on One Wall

If you are designing a galley kitchen from scratch, make sure you go for a length that allows you to place a sink and cooktop at least three feet away from one another. This will give you space to move around, cook, and ensure all essential appliances fit in the area. It will also give you a lot of storage space and prevent clutter.

4.      Conform To the Galley Corridor

Depending on the layout of your home, your galley kitchen may or may not be closed at the end. You will get more traffic if it leads outside to a garden or a living room. Add children and pets into the mix, and you will cook under stress daily as you try to avoid spilling hot oil or sharp knives on them.

You can make your galley kitchen safe by ensuring the cooktop and the sink is on the same counter or run. While this may be a bit inefficient, it will give you sufficient space for appliances so you won’t run with hazardous utensils or hot food from one side to the other.

5.      Use Shelves to Open Up Space

Storage shelves can do more than give you space to store appliances and utensils. You can use them for your spices, display dishware and open up the galley kitchen to make it look and feel spacious. Use sliding mesh baskets beside the cooking range for compact storage that you can hide away.

Also, consider adding shelves if you have a large or expanding family to cook for. The more people there are in your family, the more groceries you need.

6.      Play With Placement

The galley kitchen is perfect for families with a dedicated cook or chef. They can move from one station to the next without interference (provided there is no traffic from an adjacent room). However, this setup can be a problem if your family members are avid foodies and cooks.

To compensate for the lack of space, scatter the appliances further apart. That way, people will not bump into each other much, and you will have room to be creative. You can also ensure your expensive appliances remain undamaged. A single errant elbow can make your blender fly straight into other people or the floor.

Whether you have a U-shape or an L-shaped galley kitchen, it’s only as good as its design. Depending on the size of your family and the traffic it gets, you may need to customize it for maximum efficiency. Otherwise, be prepared for serious accidents and spills. Use the kitchen galley ideas in this guide to make wise choices you won’t regret down the line.

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