Why You Should Consider Black Rugs for Your Home 🏡⚫

Aug 4, 2023

Colour is one of the most important aspects of a rug. After all, these floor coverings take up a relatively large surface area in any room and invite people's attention. For this reason, you’ll need to pick out a rug in the right colour for your living space.

Black rugs are a somewhat divisive choice for many people. Some aren’t into such dark shades and would instead go for a colour that’s brighter and gives the room a more inviting appearance. However, black rugs do serve a purpose for many kinds of rooms. They can enhance these spaces when chosen and set up correctly.

Let’s look at some reasons to consider black rugs for your home and how to use them properly.

Why You Should Consider Black Rugs for Your Home

So why would anyone want to include a black rug in their home? There are a few reasons. This includes:

Hiding Stains

Dark colours are excellent at hiding stains. This can be both a pro and a con. It’s a con because you might not notice when you’ve spilt something on a rug. It’s a pro because most stains look near-invisible on such surfaces, so visitors aren’t likely to spot them.

Stains can be a constant concern for people who own bright-coloured rugs. This is because certain kinds of stains can be near-impossible to remove, even after multiple washing treatments. So, you might prefer getting a dark colour such as black that’s more forgiving when it comes to this issue.

Complementing Dark Furniture

Black rugs also pair incredibly well with dark furniture. This includes black or grey couches and chairs. When put together, all these items can give the room a sleek and cool appearance.

Making the Room Look Smaller

You may have heard that certain types of colours can make a room look bigger or smaller. Many people get white rugs because they make small rooms look bigger than they are. The opposite is true for black rugs. Such rugs draw attention to themselves, which can make a large room look smaller and cosier.

Using Black Rugs as Centrepieces

Black rugs can make great centrepieces for rooms because they grab your attention. Such rugs look especially striking if they have patterns cut into them. 

If you choose to set up a black rug in the middle of the room, you can gradually place other furniture such as tables, chairs, and couches around it. This will help the other items in the arrangement complement the rug and enhance its bold presence.

What Colours Go with Black Rugs?

As mentioned earlier, dark colours such as black and grey work best with black rugs. However, you can also go in the opposite direction by pairing your rug with white furniture. This creates some tasteful contrast between the opposing colours, which can give the room a more striking appearance.

Learning More about Rugs

Black rugs aren’t for everyone, but these floor coverings can add a nice touch to certain kinds of rooms when chosen and set up correctly. So consider reviewing the points discussed above and get a black rug for your home. It may be the exciting change you’ve been missing out on. 

If you would like to learn more about purchasing, setting up, or caring for rugs, please check out the other blogs on our website.

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