10 Hallway Storage Ideas to Make Your Entryway Functional

Aug 31, 2022


There can be a place in your home for the keys, coats, hats and shoes you just wore outside. That's right! You need not stuff them in the wrong nooks and crannies or have a pile of shoes scattered on the floor by your door. Whether your hallway is narrow or short, there are plenty of hallway storage ideas that are functional and will also make the entrance of your home look warm and welcoming.

Hallway Storage Ideas
Here are some hallway storage ideas you will absolutely love:

1. Invest in an Open Shelving Unit


Open shelving by the door doesn't make the space look cramped. You can add a small bowl for keys and make space for shoes at the bottom. Incorporate some home decor items, such as small plants, to give the space a fresh look

2.Utilise the Space Under the Stairs

Creating a stuffy room for your wizard nephew isn't the only thing you can do with the space under the stairs. Most houses have plenty of space under the stairs to use for storage. If you are on rent, you can place a piece of storage furniture. If you own the house, you can remodel the space and add closed shelving or a place to hang coats on a rack, depending on your space.


3.Create Built-in Shelves by Utilising the Alcove

A built-in shelf is an excellent way to utilise the space wisely, especially if you have a narrow hallway. Some houses have alcoves in the entrance which you can use to create a shelf. You can customise the shelving to your liking and per your needs.


4.Modify a Bookshelf to House Shoes, Bags and Coats

Parents often run around looking for their kid's school bags during the morning school run. You can make a permanent space for them by the entrance door to never run late. You can easily modify a bookshelf by removing a few planks from the midsection and screwing on hooks to hang coats, school bags, scarves and hats for your kids, which will be extremely helpful during winters.


5.Wall Hooks Can Go a Long Way

Pegboard or wall hooks are excellent hallway storage ideas for short entrance spaces. You can use the hooks to hang essential items like a handbag, a hanging pouch or a basket to carry your mail, keys and even coats.


6.Tuck in a Small Cabinet on the Side

Add a small cabinet on the side if you have space next to your door, add a small cabinet on the side. You can add an antique cupboard to make the area look rustic and chic. This way, you not only get some storage space but also create a cute little corner for your entrance.


7. Put Baskets in Open Shelves

As mentioned, open shelves are one of the many great hallway storage ideas. However, it is also essential to know how to utilise all those shelves. Putting in baskets is an excellent way to get organised while not compromising looks. There are plenty of different-sized textured baskets you can use for storage.


8.Incorporate a Storage Bench

A storage bench is a practical solution for storage in your hallway. It is also an excellent addition to any space since it offers a place to sit down and tie or remove shoes. Storage benches are available in varying designs and sizes. You can choose one that fits your home decor and also the space you have.


9.Bring in a Tall Freestanding Storage Unit with Hooks and a Bench

Freestanding storage units come in several designs and shapes. You can also have a custom storage unit made with a bench. It can have storage underneath and hooks or long bubbies on top to give you ample space to store all your necessary items.


10.Customise Floor to Ceiling Cupboards

A closed storage space looks great in a narrow hallway. The ceiling-to-floor cupboard creates an illusion of high ceilings. Add a mirror to make the space look more open than it is. Closed storage space also gives you the freedom to store the bits and pieces that have no place. To keep things organised, place different storage baskets in the cupboard.


The Final Takeaway

These hallway storage ideas will give you more space and make the area functional. Are you also looking for some rugs to spruce up your hallway? Hop over to The Rugs and go through the brilliant designs that can amplify your home's entrance.


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