Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell Using These Efficient and Pet-Friendly Hacks

Apr 24, 2023

Does your whole house smell like a litter box? Cat pee has a noxious smell, and the stains can become a permanent part of your furniture if they aren't cleaned up quickly.

Top 4 Ways to Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell

These tips will get rid of the cat pee stain AND the smell from the following items:

1.From A Carpet

Cat pee stink worsens with time. Act fast if you are lucky enough to see your cat pee on the carpet! First, blot the stain with a paper towel and put some pressure on it to soak up as much liquid as possible. Leftover urine will emit an odour.

Then, spray the spot with a cleaner that is enzyme- or bacteria-based. If you don't have the cleaner, make one using water, vinegar, and dish soap. The cleaning solution will break down the odour, which besides stinking up the place, will also make your cat think the carpet is a litter box.

2.From Clothes

Rinse the clothes in cold water and throw them in the washing machine. If the smell persists, soak the clothes in cold water and add a cup of baking soda or apple cider vinegar. Leave it for half an hour and repeat the wash cycle.

Air dry the clothes rather than drying them in the dryer. The heat will make the smell worse. Repeat the steps till the odour dissipates completely.

3.From a Mattress

A mattress can be challenging to clean since it soaks up pee immediately. So act fast when you spot a stain or smell cat urine on it. Pour some vinegar on the spot and allow it to soak for 20 minutes. Then apply an enzyme cleaner and follow the instructions on the bottle.

4.From Carpets and Rugs

Use a carpet cleaner attachment on your vacuum to soak the stain with a cleaning solution that targets pet doors. Then vacuum the carpet and the cleaner. You may need to do this several times to get the odour out. Use enzyme cleaners if you don't have this.

How to Prevent Your Cat from Peeing On Household Items

Getting rid of cat pee and its smell can take up a lot of time and get frustrating, especially if your pet keeps urinating out of its litter box. Here are some ways you can nip the habit in the bud:

  • Take your cat to the vet for a check-up. Urinary tract infection or kidney disease could make your cat pee outside its litter box.
  • Place more litter boxes around your house, especially if you have multiple cats.
  • Clean the box every day or get a self-cleaning litter box.
  • Determine if something is stressing out your cat and fix it. Anxiety can make it lose control of its bladder. For example, if you just moved to a new place and your cat has started peeing everywhere, calm it with catnip or by spending more time with it.

Cat pee and its smell can cause several health issues if it is not removed immediately. Use the tips mentioned in this guide to do a thorough job.

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