How to Combine Interior Design Styles

Mar 4, 2022

Let’s jump into the first tip

The 80/20 Rule


It means that 80% of your interior design elements should be from one design style and twenty percent should be from a supplementary design. So you’ve got the dominant one and then you’ve got the supplementary one as well. The reason you do this is, that way most of the space is working with that same design style and all the benefits. As we mentioned in our previous blogs, you know your space is going to be cohesive. It will your space some flavor. Furthermore, the use of that 20% will help you create a focal point.

Just imagine that you are designing your space with farmhouse house style. It means, for instance, you have a big wooden dining table, metal chairs, and maybe cabinets in the background which look super farmhouse. Besides this design style, instead of putting jute or vintage looking rug which would be exactly complementary to this style, if you put a modern or more patterned rug, that would seamlessly create a focal point in your room. Your eyes would be drawn to that rug actually.

Unify with Colour, Pattern and Texture


It is a great way of unifying different pieces from across different interior design styles. What I need to point out is you don’t have to stick to them at once. You can also choose one of these 3 options which might be easier for you. For instance, you can use sort of texture and different materials that can repeat themselves in patterns throughout the space. Even though they are from different styles, it’s going to make space look more aesthetic and cohesive. To give a further example, you can have rustic pieces, wooden furniture and complete it with metal chairs and frames. Lastly you can finish it with a fluffy or fringed rug even.

Make Your Own Signature Style

In the end it is your home. So, it definitely needs to be an expression and reflection of your personality. So, I hope this guide has maybe helped you with a couple different ways that you can combine different styles together to create your signature style.

If you look at your room and think it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful then. Don’t be afraid of being authentic, if you want to go for that minimal or colorful rug, feel free and go for it.

Alright, that’s all for now! See you at the next one 😍

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