The Most Compatible Colours for Your Star Sign: Zodiac Part 3

Mar 20, 2023

The Most Compatible Colours for Your Star Sign: Part III

So today, we are going on with the second part of ‘’ The Most Compatible Colours for Your Star Sign’’ without a further ado.

So, let’s jump in!


You aren’t afraid to embrace your idealistic side, Libra. You have an energy that promotes harmony and unity but also aspires to be posh and sophisticated in the process. Shades of lavender, along with touches of creme and blush pink, likely will permeate your home if you have any say so. Lavender is representative of loving beautiful things, as well as expressing sensitivity. Pink radiates empathy and romance and lifts the spirit. You like to exude sophistication, but you won’t lose your light-hearted mindset, either. You want the place you live in to feel classic but romantic—exactly like you!


You are passionate, Scorpio, and everyone knows it. You may find yourself turning towards darker colours, but you don’t have to cover the room in black to represent who you are. You like to call the shots, but you don’t feel the need to be flashy to do so. It’s no wonder you are sparked by maroon and crimson tones, both known to give off a dominating atmosphere without being too aggressive. You also are drawn to colours that show off your sensual and mysterious side. Contrasting with shades of black and ivory, you will make others look twice before leaving the room, which is precisely what people tend to do with you.


You love being out in the world, Sagittarius. You may often feel confined within four walls, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to bring the rest of the world in. Navy blues and darker greens seem to call your name, which is no shock given they are the most striking colours of the world in and of itself. Green is a colour most associated with growth and self-reliance, which are two things you embody in an obvious way. Blue tends to represent honesty and truth, as well as a thirst for intelligence, which you value highly. You want to create a space that makes you feel free and inspired, and using these shades to remind you of what is out there does the trick in the moments you can’t be out there yourself. 


You’re not a boring person by any means, Capricorn, though you’re often given that reputation. You like to keep things simple, and you prefer working with colours that can easily work with others without having to think much about the matter. Neutral colours give off a calm demeanour, and they also point to being conservative in your emotions as well as your decisions. You like to keep to yourself, and you don’t like involving yourself in dramatic situations. In this way, neutral colours such as white, grey, black, brown, ivory, or beige often represent you well. Despite their subtle nature, you are more than capable of being creative with the shades to form an interesting and eye-catching space. You do like to stick with what you know, but really what’s the harm in that?

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