6 Cloakroom Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Oct 5, 2022

An essential part of your family home, the cloakroom or downstairs toilet gets the most traffic when you have visitors. You can make the most of this small space with our cloakroom ideas and wow your guests.

Top Cloakroom Ideas That Will Impress Any Guest

Here are some ways you can make this tiny space stand out and be more practical for your guests:

1.     Use Mirrors to Add More ‘Space’

Add a full-length floor mirror on the opposite wall if your cloakroom feels claustrophobic and you cannot afford a renovation. The mirror will make the space feel lighter, brighter and less compact. You can also use several small mirrors for the same effect. Group them on a wall to make the space look organized.

2.     Opt For Daring Flooring

Even if the rest of your décor is simple, dare to go bold with your cloakroom flooring. The small space is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with designs they don’t have to see every day. If the area is relatively small, add colourful or patterned floor tiles to open up the space and make it look grand.

3.     Install Custom Storage Solutions

Remember that your cloakroom or downstairs toilet will have more footfall than others in your home. So ensure you have sufficient storage for extra toilet rolls, soap and other items your guests may need. Keep everything inside the cabinets to reduce clutter in your limited space.

4.     Add Impact with Creative Wallpaper

While light-coloured wallpaper can open up the space, bold patterns can add drama and impact your guests will appreciate. Give your creativity free rein by choosing bold colours. You can also add family pictures by creating a collage for a customized design scheme.

5.     Bring In More Light

If your cloakroom has a window that doesn’t open to an alley wall, make the most of the sunlight by keeping window dressing simple. Install roller blinds which can pull up to allow more light in during the day or add frosted glass to ensure privacy without losing the light.

By using mirrors, you can still create an illusion of light if the cloakroom is windowless. An illuminated bathroom mirror can do the trick, and mirrored splashbacks can also make the space look roomier and more illuminating than it is.

6.     Ensure the Cloakroom Is Usable

During construction and renovations, cloakroom designs are often overlooked in favour of the rest of the house. While you can get compact cabinets, basins and toilets, you should also ensure they are comfortable to use for your family members and any guests you may entertain.

You can save a few inches with a compact toilet, but it will be useless if it is too tiny for large-boned guests. The room will feel claustrophobic, and you will have no choice but to allow them to use the toilets on the upper floors. This can be horrifying if you are a private person or don’t have time to clean. So make sure that the elements in your cloakroom are usable for people with different needs and capabilities.

These are far from the only renovations and ideas you can use to make your cloakroom look spacious and more usable than it currently is. If you plan to add a new one for your guests, research ideas that can suit your personal needs, i.e. as per the space and dimensions you are working with so you don’t regret your choices.

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