7 Cosy Outdoor Fireplace Ideas to Warm Up Your Space

Jul 4, 2024


Picture this. There is a nip in the air, and you invite your family or friends over for beer and sausage rolls in front of a roaring outdoor fireplace. Doesn’t that sound just lovely? Outdoor fireplaces come in several designs, signs, and shapes. However, most homeowners prefer options that gel with their outdoor décour, such as outdoor rugs.    

Top 7 Outdoor Fireplace Ideas for Homeowners

If you are thinking of getting one, here are some great ideas that can suit your space:

1.     The Corner Fireplace

A corner outdoor fireplace is ideal for small patios or balconies, maximising space without crowding. Additionally, it blends subtly into any outdoor setting, adding charm without overpowering. Perfectly suited for screened porches or gazebos, it provides warmth while conserving space. For hosts who love intimate gatherings, a corner fireplace creates a cosy spot without taking over the area.

2.    Fire Pit with Built-In Seating

A fire pit with built-in seating is a popular choice for outdoor spaces of all sizes. It not only provides warmth but also a comfy gathering spot. You can customise the seating to complement your landscape and make guests comfortable. Choose eco-friendly materials like stone, wood, or metal to match your outdoor decor. Fire pits can be wood-burning, gas-powered, or even propane-fuelled for convenience and ease of use.

3.    Chiminea

Chimineas are distinctive outdoor fireplaces originating from Mexico. Traditionally made of clay, modern chimineas are also available in cast iron or aluminium. They have chimney-like vents that direct smoke upwards, making them ideal for smaller outdoor spaces or areas close to structures like gazebos or pergolas. Chimineas add a rustic charm and can be moved around as needed, making them versatile and practical.

4.   Table-top Fire Bowl

Tabletop fire bowls are perfect for intimate settings or smaller outdoor areas, Place these on outdoor dining tables, coffee tables, or even side tables. They are fuelled by clean-burning gel fuel or propane, so they are easy to operate and maintain.
Tabletop fire bowls come in various designs and materials, so you can easily find one that blends with your outdoor decor.

5.   Modern Linear Fireplace

Consider incorporating a modern linear outdoor fireplace for a sleek and contemporary outdoor look. These fireplaces have sleek lines and a minimalist style, which is great for modern homes or urban outdoor spaces. They typically run on gas, offering convenience and easy maintenance.

You can install them into walls, add them to your outdoor kitchen, or feature them as a standout piece in your outdoor area. Whether you prefer a sleek look or seek enhanced functionality, a modern linear fireplace delivers versatility and style.


6.    Double-Sided Fireplace

A double-sided fireplace adds luxury to your outdoor space by providing warmth and ambiance from two areas at once. It can be used to divide outdoor living spaces or create a cosy atmosphere for seating and dining.

You can choose from various styles and materials like stone, brick, or sleek metal finishes to match your outdoor decor. This way, the fireplace blends seamlessly into your outdoor environment and becomes a standout feature. Whether you like classic or modern styles, a double-sided outdoor fireplace adds charm and practicality to your outdoor living.

7.     Fireplace Wall

Create a stunning focal point in your outdoor space with a fireplace wall. This larger feature not only anchors your outdoor living area but also adds warmth and ambiance, making it a stunning centrepiece.

Fireplace walls are versatile. You can customise them to match your outdoor decor and design preferences. Add seating areas, shoe storage options, or even water features to improve functionality and style. Made from sturdy materials like stone or brick, fireplace walls last long and enhance your outdoor space's look.

8.     BONUS TIP - Outdoor Pizza Oven with Fireplace!

Install an outdoor pizza oven with a fireplace feature to combine the joy of cooking with the warmth of a fireplace. Bake delicious pizzas and create a comfy gathering spot for friends and family. Outdoor pizza ovens are typically wood-fired, so they add a rustic charm to your outdoor cooking experience.


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