Decorating Bedrooms with Slanted Walls

May 30, 2024

You certainly know that rooms with sloped ceilings and attics are two places in the house that can present an interior design difficulty. Maybe you are just utilising these rooms as storage for the time being, or maybe you are ignoring them entirely. The good news is that it is possible to use these sloping areas as bedroom décor while still giving them a lovely appearance.
It might be challenging to implement decorating ideas when you have inclined walls and a sloped ceiling. Because of its distinctive style, the area instantly feels smaller. Say goodbye to your tall furniture and replace it with carefully measured pieces that don’t hit the walls or the ceiling. Furthermore, if your walls aren’t flat, how do you create harmony with artwork and décor?
Here are some ideas that will help you transform your space into a comfortable haven:

Add Wooden Beams

With the correct approach, those sloped walls in your bedroom can truly appear like a deliberate choice made by the designer. Your required sloping walls or ceiling will appear to be a deliberate architectural design decision if you add ornamental wooden beams in the room, making them look like they are supporting the ceiling and walls.
Wooden beams are both modern and rustic, so you shouldn’t feel limited to one style.

Add a Canopy Bed

A place with a slanted ceiling may naturally appear and feel quite small and cramped, but that’s where clever design can help. If it fits (which is why it’s essential to measure), a canopy bed draws the eye upward and gives the impression that the space is taller. This charming touch gives your room a rustic feel, which can be complemented by a rug at the foot of your bed.

Choose Bright White Decor

Dark-coloured furniture tends to take up too much room in tiny spaces. For your slanted bedroom décor, make sure to choose pieces with neutral colors – airy white is a good choice. An ivory nightstand will brighten the room right away and give the impression that it is larger than it is.

Add Skylights

If your budget permits, you might want to consider adding a skylight to the sloped wall. Though it’s an expensive item, more so than others on this list, it allows natural light to help balance the tight space of the sloping walls. Furthermore, exposure to natural light not only improves mood but also facilitates better sleep. Your body responds well to sunlight and natural illumination in the morning!

Add a Pendant Light

Proper lighting selection is essential in a bedroom with sloped walls like one found in a converted attic. One example of this is that floor lighting will take up excessive space. Due to its simplicity, ability to lead the eye upward, giving the impression of height, and lack of need for important floor space, a pendant lamp may be a better option.

Embrace the Angles

Instead of fighting the slanted walls, embrace them. Use the unique angles to create distinct zones within the room. For example, place a desk or vanity under the slant for a dedicated workspace or dressing area. By defining these zones, you make the room more functional and organised.

Use Graded Shelves

Just because the walls are slanted doesn’t mean you can’t have your favourite furniture in the bedroom. If you are an avid reader, you can make graded shelves for your books.
Graded shelves step up or down in height to accommodate sloped ceilings. They are ideal for irregular spaces and can be customised to fit your room’s unique angles. Consider painting the shelves in a colour contrasting with the wall to make them stand out. For a more subtle look, use the same colours as the wall but in a different finish.
If space allows, get one of those round rugs and place a comfy sofa on it to create a cosy reading spot.

Create Visual Interest with an Accent Wall

Bedrooms with sloped walls can sometimes feel awkward or unbalanced. An accent wall can provide a focal point that draws the eye and creates a sense of balance in the room, making the space more cohesive and intentional.
Choose a wall that naturally draws the eye when you enter the room. This could be the wall behind the bed, as it often serves as the primary focal point in a bedroom. If you want to make the room feel larger, opt for light, bright colours. If you prefer a cosy, intimate feel, deeper, richer colours can achieve this effect.
Remember to grace the floor with a bedroom rug that matches the accent wall. This can create a harmonious look that ties the room together.

Wrapping Up

In the end, designing a bedroom with sloped walls requires working with rather than against the distinctive architecture. Consider your wall a blank canvas — a lovely focal point that might seem a bit challenging to decorate on its own. However, with a few carefully selected pieces of art and architecture, you can ensure it makes a visitor go “wow.”
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