Refreshing Summer Decor Ideas for Your Living Room⛱️🎀

Aug 4, 2023

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You don't need a hefty budget to make your living room summer-ready. A few tweaks, additions, and summery colours can do wonders for the aesthetic you are going for. Use our summer décor ideas or tips for inspiration!

Make Yellow Your Primary Colour 

There is just something about the colour yellow that screams summertime fun and comfort. Splashes of different shades of this hue can instantly brighten a space and bring a spring to your step. Use this optimistic colour on your living room walls to make the space summery, inviting, and bright. 

Introduce Earthy Textures and Patterns 

Each season has its texture and pattern when it comes to indoor décor. For summer, go with natural textures such as tweed and jute and fun prints such as florals and pinstripes that give a beach vibe. Save money by getting affordable throw pillows, art, and rugs. Replace heavy winter textiles with lighter accents that feel breezy. 

Hang Fluttery Drapery 

Remove your thick winter drapery and send them to the cleaners before storing them. Replace them with light, breezy, see-through drapes, which will make you go 'aaaah’ when you see them fluttering in the summer breeze. To block heat, choose lightweight drapes made of dense fabric. These can feel breezy and prevent the harsh summer sun from bleaching your living room furniture. 

Switch Heavy Rugs with Lighter Ones 

A heavy, plush rug may feel lovely beneath tired feet, but it can also take away from the summery and cool look you are going for in your living room. Get the rug professionally cleaned before storing it, and replace it with a lighter one made from cotton or jute for that summertime look and feel. 

Introduce Indoor Plants and Greenery 

Summers without greenery are like bacon without eggs. Rather than determine which corner table you should get for your living room, consider a large vase for visual impact instead. Fill it with vibrant summer flowers and draping creepers to give that flowy and light look. Hang succulents over your balcony garden or patio to block sunlight naturally. 

Go All Out with Light Colours  

A minimalist colour palette is perfect for summer décor ideas you have in mind. Light colours such as white, beige, baby pinks, and icy blue shades create a calm, cool and serene ambience. Even if you paint the walls yellow, you can use lighter shades as an interesting contrast and which you can use as a central theme for your remaining décor. 

The bottom line is colour has a profound impact on our minds. Light colours can act as a fitting and cooling contrast as the blazing sun beats down and infiltrates your living room. These can also unify your décor and add a calming element that will soothe you as you step inside and away from the scorching heat.

Incorporate Delicate Tablescape 

Summer rains and the heat can ruin your barbecue plans, but you can have an equally memorable time with an indoor party. Add a lovely summer tablescape to the mix, and you have something to break the ice with. 

Use simple tableware for the setup for a casual and laid-back feel. You can go with the tip of the seasonal flowers, but take it up a notch by placing several vases around your living room. Add candle holders and votive candles for a romantic and summery ambience, and experiment with textures such as hobnail glasses for a unique look.

Use Fluffy Cushions

Pillows are not only great décor items, but they are also super affordable and versatile, especially for your living room. Plus, they can be stored away easily when not in use, and you can change their covers to match the seasonal décor you are going for. Scatter these across the space on your sofas, swing, and cane chairs, or place large cushions on the floor for a comfy sitting spot. 

Final Words

Summer doesn't have to be a sweltering experience for you and your guests. Use our summer décor ideas to make the space light, air, gorgeous, and inviting at the same time. Create an indoor experience that will make the hot months go by fast and where you can lounge with some sweet lemonade and a good book without a sweat (no pun intended). Make your living room an oasis you cannot wait to return to at the end of a tiring work day. 

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