The Rugs to Warm Your Christmas Time

Sep 30, 2021

So, it’s almost Christmas time and we wanted to share our rugs to warm your Christmas! We officially have left summer behind. While we are trying to figure out how fast it went, we are already heading to Christmas! 🎅 So, let’s warm your Christmas time.

That’s probably one of the most exciting and joyful times of the year. So, everybody is giving and receiving gifts and sharing laughs. Huge and garnished tables, shining lights and that cosy feeling of being and celebrating at home. This list very likely can go on though… 🤷🏻‍♂️ However, when we talk about Christmas time, we might think about that cold and windy weather. ❄️

Here, we wanted to collect our warm rugs to make your space feel more welcoming. Because trust me, it’s one of the easiest ways to add your space some colour, personality and warmth. By the way, you might be asking yourself what that warmth means.

This can be about the shades such as red, pink, yellow. Furthermore, it can even be about the texture of the rug such as fringed or faux fur ones. These warm tones and textures will help you create a more welcoming place for your Christmas celebrations 🥳

So, now check all the warm rugs that will easily enrich your colour palette.

Colourful and Energetic

This rug provides a cosy atmosphere with its design and a pleasant ambience that invites you to relax. Its floral design brings a relaxing atmosphere to your interior with every colour of furniture.

Eclectic Chic

Marrakech collection features a vintage design in contrasting different types of lively and bold colours.

And it’s perfect for adding warmth and style. These unique rugs will complement your interior.

3D Design is in!

This elegant rug not only impresses with its characteristic pattern but also brings a piece of modern combination into your home. The eye-catching design will decorate your home with a timeless modern look.

Moroccan and Timeless

Rhapsody Rug is a soft and cosy rug woven in different Moroccan patterns. Hence, the timeless designs and colours will bring warmth into your space. This Moroccan style rug is a top-notch luxury. It’s premium quality for your home which makes you feel like walking on the clouds with its high pile.

The Fluffiest You’ll Ever See

A shaggy rug is perfect for adding cosiness to your decor. So, it turns your room into an inviting space with an elegant design.

You will never get enough of this rug. We wanted to show some of the rugs to warm your Christmas this year. We hope it’s been helpful for you!

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