Get Your Place Feel More Like You

May 25, 2023

There are plenty of simple changes that you can make to your space to ensure that it better reflects your unique personal style and truly feels like you. Below, designers share a handful of useful tips on how to invoke plenty of personality into any size of living space.

Be Confident

Don't hesitate to make design choices that please you, even if they're not going to be everyone's cup of tea. The number one way to make your home feel like 'you' is to know and be confident in your own design aesthetic. So often we lean into what’s trending rather than what we personally gravitate toward. The internet and social media make it nearly impossible to be unaware of trends. Whether we intend to implement trends into our home or not, they are hard to avoid.

When you do see a room on Instagram that really resonates with you, hone in on what it is about that room that you are drawn to," she says. Once you understand what it is you like, you can then implement the concept in your home in a more personal way, by using colours or brands that are more aligned with your personal style.

Lighting is Not A Small Detail 

Don't feel wedded to bland, builder-grade lighting just because it's already there. "Layer your lighting in every room. Harsh overhead lighting can feel sterile and basic. Consider the uses of the space and the mood you want to create. Use lighting as a way to add texture and whimsy to your space. Add lamps with printed fabric shades to bring in a pattern, or pop a mini lamp on the kitchen counter on a tray for mood lighting.

Show Your Colours

Whether you rent your space or own your home, you can easily use paint to transform the rooms of your choosing. Paint is a great way to personalise a space. The cost is low but the impact can be dramatic.

Think beyond coating the four walls. "Think outside the box—is there a feature wall that you could paint a bright colour? A ceiling that could use a punch? We love using painters tape to define geometric patterns like stripes. 

Don't be afraid to take risks. Going for a bold paint or drape or accessories is easiest, but if you’re unsure of a bold tile that you really love or a cabinet colour engage a designer to help you decide. A lot of what we do for clients is support them while helping them get to the essence of what they love. If you can’t afford a designer, enlist a trusted friend to help you feel courageous in a bold move.

What Are You Passionate About?

Perhaps you're simply passionate about all of the humans and four-legged friends in your life. Putting up photos—with matching frames in different sizes so they feel consistent—with pictures of your favourite humans or pets having adventures reminds of you great times with great people.

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