What is Maximalism?

Oct 18, 2022

It feels like you get to hear of a new aesthetic in home décor every month. Till recently, minimalism was all the rage. A few Netflix documentaries about getting rid of material possessions and videos of the pristine white walls of Kanye West’s house had everyone on the minimalism hype.

Minimalism, as its name suggests, states less is more. Bare walls, sprinkled furniture, and a lack of colour are the main features of minimalist home décor. Minimalism had a good run, but it has also come to pass, like all trends. Surprisingly enough, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and minimalism has been replaced by its polar opposite, maximalism.

Though Maximalism’s name is enough to give you a vague idea of what the aesthetic entails, it is a design choice for the bold, increasing in popularity these days. Read on to find out all about maximalism, and whether you should adopt the aesthetic for your homeit.

What is Maximalism Design?

Maximalism is a design aesthetic that believes in more is more. In terms of house décor, maximalism can be described as overstuffed and incorporating multiple colours, designs, ideas, and things in one space.

The appeal of maximalism lies in showing off all your things and the attached sentimental value to those things that stops you from throwing them away. Imagine your grandmother’s house; the bold patterns of the sofa, the little trinkets, the abundance of vases, and the picture frames littered everywhere. Our grandmothers have adopted maximalism, and now the aesthetic is having its moment in the limelight.

The History of Maximalism

Maximalism has been around since the built environment has existed and the aesthetic is intrinsically linked to the human desire to show off material wealth. Historically, people in power have all opted for maximalist approaches to their gargantuan living spaces. Think massive chandeliers, jewels and other riches on display. This penchant for display is still reflected in modern homes. Some cabinets are reserved for showcasing either awards or even fancy cutlery, showing that maximalism has always been an inherent part of home décor.

The Revival of Maximalism And Its Reasons

Maximalism is now the current interest in home décor, and there are many reasons for the aesthetic’s triumphant return. One reason is perhaps upward economic mobility that led people to buy possessions and experiment with house décor.

However, the biggest reason is that maximalism appeals to people because it helps them reflect their personality onto their living space. Maximalism reflects the deeply personalised chaos of people’s lives, and homeowners can curate their lives through it, which appeals to them deeply. It is also comforting because, as an aesthetic, maximalism is loud, garish, and an entire sensory experience which is a far cry from the sparseness of minimalism.

How To Incorporate Maximalism into Your Home Décor

The beauty of maximalism is that there really are no rules. You can go all out and experiment with pretty much anything. Popular maximalist house décor involves lots of bold patterns, bright colours, and a display of some kind. The things you want to display depend on you. If you want to dedicate a wall to your collection of football kits, feel free to do so. Anything is fair game in maximalist design.

Final Thoughts

Maximalism is seeing its moment in the spotlight, but the aesthetic never really left in many ways. It is excellent for self-expression and provides that intangible feeling of a home to a space. Many people say possessions make you feel empty, but a room filled to the brim with things with sentimental value can make you feel pretty good.

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