Hack Your Decor: 10 Interior Design Tips to Transform Every Room

Feb 20, 2024

Your home is a reflection of your tastes and personal style. It also mirrors and affects your emotional state. Transforming it into a sanctuary you cannot wait to return home to should be on your to-do list. 

A living room

You don't need a skilled interior designer to realise your vision. With a few creative hacks and tips, you can breathe new life into each room in your home.

Top Tips for Transforming Your Living Space 

Rather than going room by room, which will defeat the purpose of this guide, let's dive into the best interior design tips that can work for each space:

Don't Be Afraid of Adding Colour 

The colour palette you choose will have a significant impact on your mood and also your perception. Experiment with different combinations that speak to you on a personal level. You'd be surprised what a fresh coat of paint or a vibrant red rug can do to a drab bedroom or boring dining area. But you can also go the opposite route with warm green and blue rugs to create a calming atmosphere. Check out our How To Decorate Your Home with Green Rug. blog for a start!

Experiment by mixing and matching different rugs, accessories, and paint colours as per the room you are redecorating. Unconventional colour combinations can provide stunning results too. 

Use Natural Light

Natural light creates shadows and an ambience that can make any room in your home Insta-worthy. Reduce your energy bill by throwing open the windows in the morning. Sunlight filtering through sheer or net curtains has a timeless beauty that can enhance cosiness. 

Make a small space seem larger by placing mirrors strategically around each space. The reflective glass will amplify natural light streaming from the windows, making the space more spacious and inviting. Here are some tips you can steal for your kitchen.

Play Around with the Furniture Arrangement 

How you arrange your furniture will impact each room's ambience. Think of it as a puzzle that can bring your decor together with the right pieces.

Experiment with different setups that appeal to you. For example, set up a seating area in your living room that can encourage conversation or push the sofa into the middle of the room with a nice table behind it framing it—place chairs around the sofa and even an ottoman for a relaxed ambience. A floating interior design can create a visually interesting space. 

Add Personal Touches

Making your living space look and feel like 'you' is essential for a home that feels like home. Add DIY elements to place your mark on it. Unleash your inner artist by hanging your paintings or placing sculptures you made along your hallway. Make your bedroom more inviting with memorabilia from travels, such as seashells you picked up in Bali or beads you bought from local vendors.

Similarly, showcase personal mementoes around your home, such as family heirlooms or pictures from get-togethers and birthday parties. Curate the collection on the wall with a collage that tells a story about your personal life at first sight. 

Save Space with Multi-Functional Furniture

Furniture serving dual purposes can save space and help you optimise a small living space. For example, a centre table with storage or a sofa-cum-bed can prove functional and stylish, providing you get pieces that go with your existing decor. 

This will add a functional and versatile element to your living space that can do wonders for the ambience and decor. Check out our The Perfect Rules to Place Your Rug & Furniture blog for eye-catching, functional rug and furniture pairings. 

Play with Textures and Fabrics

Play with textures for visual depth and to add a bit of oomph to your interior design. For example, mix and match velvet cushions with linen curtains or woollen shawls draped over sofas to create a layered and inviting space. Combine contrasting textures for a sophisticated touch. 

Freshen Up with Plants

Introducing plants indoors is one of the best ways to add life to a dull interior design and decor. Besides adding a pop of colour, these can recycle musty indoor air. If you don't fancy yourself a gardener, go for cute succulents that you can place on the windowsill. Or, if you want to go all out, opt for large statement plants that are easy to look after. 

Consider Bold Accent Walls

So what if you don't consider yourself an artist? Buy artwork from local artists or thrift stores that can add personality to your living space. Hang them on the walls, lean them against shelves, or create a gallery in the hallway. The visual appeal will speak for itself.

Install Custom Shelving Units 

Conventional shelves can store your books and show pieces and knick-knacks. But they lack the visual appeal your interior decor needs to pop. Choose custom shelves that can provide storage and serve as a display. Open and closed sections will hide clutter and splendidly showcase your favourite decor pieces. 

Hang Dramatic Drapes

Luxurious and dramatic drapes can make a statement. Choose bold textures, colours, and patterns that can add a bit of drama to a simple bedroom or living room. Floor-to-ceiling curtains, for instance, can make the space look spacious and more inviting. 

Wrapping Up

Transform your living space into a haven you love coming home to using these ten interior design tips. Enjoy a space as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is comforting to the soul. Get inspiration for your interior decor experiments at The-Rugs, your one-stop destination for a range of rugs that can suit any room in your home!

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