5 French Door Ideas To Brighten Up Your House With Natural Light

May 8, 2023

Lighting plays an important role in settling the feel of your house - the amount of light you let in your house determines what your interior will appear like. If you are into natural light, which obviously helps make your house appear spacious and totally transforms the house's mood, then we know exactly what you need.

Your house needs French doors - the large paned windows-like doors are perfect to up your indoor-to-outdoor connection game as they instantly brighten up a space and add an antique architectural interest to the interior. With the option to swing open just one door at a time, they are stylish and functional.

So here are five French door ideas that can help brighten up your house while adding to the interior.

1.Go With A Traditional Theme

There is no better way to style a French door than placing it in a traditional setting. No matter how much contemporary and modernization are taking over interior design, traditional home setting designs still have their own charm. And your classic white-painted French door can greatly complement the entire theme. Place a traditional, earthy-toned sofa set and chairs right across from your fresh door, and leave the curtains open during the day to enjoy the daylight.

2.Ditch Wood, Opt For Metal

We are so used to seeing French doors in wood that we can almost not imagine them in any other material. But trust us when we say metallic French doors are much more stylish than wooden ones. Wooden French doors add a traditional touch to your interior, but metallic doors can enhance your design scope.

Our favourite is pairing a metallic French door with an industrial interior design. The black metal door will look sleek and will give an edge to your overall styling.

3.Pair It With The Windows

Well, you know how French doors actually evolved from windows, and the style was later adopted for all 2-door walkways? Well, why not keep the history of French doors alive here? One great way to style French doors in your house is to pair them with French-style windows. This looks absolutely stylish from the inside but truly enhances your exterior.

It's even better when you have an outdoor seating space like a patio - where the door and the windows can be collectively seen in one plane. It looks even better if you have windows on a higher floor and French under it. With a contrasting brick wall in the middle, the two - French doors and windows would truly transform your house's exterior.

4.Style It Contemporary

Do you also think French doors are a traditional style staple? You might want to think again because we believe French doors work perfectly well with a contemporary interior design. As we said earlier, other than wooden or white paint French doors - metallic French doors painted in darker matte colours go really with other styles.

If your home's interior design is contemporary, then a metallic - or dark-coloured wood French door would look extremely elegant. The perfect place for a French door in this style would be connecting your indoor space to your outdoor space - for example, from your living room to your backyard. Add a mini garden and a pebble walkway patch to your backyard, some black furniture, and a black French door giving you access to the inside of the house - perfectly chic!

5.Play with the Shape

Another way to style your French door in an out-of-the-ordinary way, to ditch the traditional look of the door, is to play with its shape. If you are tired of seeing basic, large rectangular French doors, then it's time for you to experiment with the shape. One popular way interior designers incorporate French doors in their modern and minimalistic homes is by making the doorway round. Rounded French doors work well with small spaces; if you can't dedicate a big wall to the doorway, then a small, rounded French door is perfect to fit in the space. It can give your backyard seating area or balcony a modern, clean look.

Whether you have a modern house or traditional architecture, a French door can truly add to your style. They allow easy access to natural light, which helps enhance your interior décor as well. Use our French door ideas to brighten up your house with natural light in a super stylish way.

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