8 Loft Bed Ideas for Your Minimalistic Lifestyle

Oct 5, 2022

Who says loft beds are just for kids? This space-saving solution is just as practical and fun for adults as it opens up vertical and usable space. Whether you go for a free-standing unit to an elevated option with room underneath for a desk, you can make your own mini bedroom with loft bed ideas.

Top Loft Bed Ideas for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Use these tips to make your loft space comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing:

1.Add Curtains

Add curtains to close it off if you use the space under your loft bed as a workspace or storage space. It will make the area look roomier, hide messes and add a soft and comforting touch. Choose light shades to lighten the ambience or vibrant ones if you want to add a pop of colour to a dull interior.

2.Install a Railing

If you have a spacious loft, add a sleek iron railing and sconces to make your bed sturdy. The railing will prevent you from rolling off as you change positions, and the sconces will be sturdier than a lamp that you can easily knock off. Add these solutions to make your loft bed practical.

3.Create a Loft Bed Out Of Bookshelves

If you love to read, you can make your loft a bibliophile’s heaven by making it out of bookshelves. Make sure the shelves are sturdy enough to support your loft furniture. Read before bed each night without clambering down an awkward ladder each time you need a new book.

4.Add a Workspace Underneath

What’s excellent about loft spaces is that you can open up space underneath or over them for a dedicated workstation. Depending on the dimensions of the space, you can fit in a compact desk and chair along with a laptop, books, etc. It’s perfect for writers living in big cities.

5.Add Treads to the Ladder

Ladder rungs can be hazardous if you are climbing in a hurry or are unfocused as you climb. Reduce the chances of a severe accident by covering these with padded treads. You can also use rubber and leather options to give your fingers traction.

6.Use the Lower Bunk as a Day Bed

If you have another bed underneath your loft bed, don’t let it go to waste. Turn it into a daybed by adding pretty cushions which you can use to lounge in or as extra seating. That way, you won’t mess up your bed as you watch Netflix, hang out with friends or read. Decorate it with throw pillows and cushions rather than sheets and pillows.

7.Add Atmospheric Lighting

If you have to fumble in the dark in your loft bed every time you need to go to the loo, you can take a nasty tumble eventually. Consider adding ambient lighting that won’t blind you when you switch it on. Bedside lamps are more difficult to position. Fairy lights are good options.

You can use them to light your way as reading lights and to add a gorgeous element to your loft bedroom. Some people also install LED lights along curtains for the same effect. These can be installed easily underneath your bed, giving you plenty of light even if your main ones are off.

8.Choose an Appropriate Size

Space is at a premium in lofts, so the last thing you need is a bed that takes up more room than you can afford. Determine the size you need by taking the space, the size of the people using the loft, and your personal preferences. For example, if you have two small children, get a twin-sized bed they can be comfortable in.

Most average-sized mattresses are 75 to 39 inches wide, so they can easily accommodate adults. You can also get at least 18 sq. feet of space underneath the bed. Make sure there is at least 35 inches of clear space on all sides of the bed so you can move around easily.

A loft bed can be a welcome addition to your home if you entertain guests frequently or are planning to expand your family. Use these ideas to make the most of that limited space.

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