Best Outdoor Rugs for Your Home

Jul 28, 2020

Before buying an outdoor rug, you may need to pay attention to some details such as material, design or size of the rug in order to find best outdoor rug for your home.

Outdoor rugs and furniture contend with harsh conditions all year round. When choosing an outdoor rug, it is essential to find one that will stand up to these conditions. Not every rug can be used as an outdoor rug, so consider hard-wearing and water-resistant rugs with polypropene material which also makes it easy to clean.

To give your outdoor rug a more thorough clean, simply take it outside and hose it down with some mild soap and scrub it out with a brush. Most are made of synthetic fibres, so it’s virtually impossible to ruin the rug with too much washing or scrubbing.

Not only can they handle the occasional spill, but they can also stand up to crazy foot traffic in the busiest areas of your home, like the entry or kitchen. Another perk of outdoor rugs is that you can use them indoors!

Outdoor rugs extend your home’s style onto your patio or deck. By choosing colours and patterns that complement the style of the adjoining room, you create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. This is especially nice during warmer months when you want to open your patio doors wide and let the breeze in. Alternately, you might lean into the outdoor setting by choosing a more botanical style, as you’d find at The-Rugs.

Here is some suggestion for you to choose the best outdoor rug:

  • A large porch might look too “cold” and, sometimes, even uninviting. A rug can change that and turn this space into a “warm” hosting area. For instance, a porch swing is made far more accessible if only you place a nice outdoor rug underneath it. A new rug can also upgrade the look of old outdoor coffee table and chairs. Not to mention what outdoor rugs can do to small balconies! Choosing a smaller rug can indeed make a small space look and feel larger and more inviting.
  • Looking around for summer rugs will certainly be a rewarding experience considering the many stylish, durable, and easy-to-maintain outdoor rugs out there. From floral prints, which can also serve as a makeshift to wipe off wet feet, and fun geometric shapes that make ideal rugs for a covered patio or sunroom, to muted colour toned, rugs with tropical-inspired vibes (perfect for poolside patios) or lovely decorative tassels and modern patterns, options are endless.
  • Your table-side area or lounge can be enhanced with a marbled motif that adds texture and movement to a serene patio area. Prefer rugs woven from durable, stain-resistant polypropylene fibres that can both dress up a deck and elevate the look of your open-air décor. Plus, they clean up pretty nicely, saving you from a lot of trouble! 
  • Short-piled outdoor rugs make great choices if you have a pet that hangs out in your backyard or patio. Low-pile rugs in cream and grey tones can contrast beautifully against wood or stone surfaces and deliver a more sophisticated look to your outdoor space. You will also love their soft feel underfoot.
  • A fantastic idea to add a more luxe touch to a pool party is to use a high-quality outdoor rug (from water-safe materials) with bold, hypnotic designs that can play very well against pops of neon and brass accents, depending on your idea of a summertime soiree you have in mind.
  • For an even fresher summer vibe that will not grow weary on your eyes (or your guests’ eyes), punchy diamond design on a taupe background is all you need. If you paid attention to instructions mentioned above and bought a rug from durable, weather-safe materials then you have nothing to fear even when the summer storms hit in!


Ultimately, the outdoor rug you choose will be up to your personal style, but hopefully, these guidelines will get you pointed in the right direction. The only thing left to do is find a rug!

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