Best Outdoor Rugs of 2022

Jan 13, 2022

Hey there! Today, we will be talking about outdoor rugs, I don’t mean to brag but I guess we might have the best outdoor rugs of 2022 in the UK! ‘Cause we tick all the boxes in terms of design, price & performance, material and durability, etc. And choosing the best outdoor rug for your space is important no matter it’s a small balcony or a big garden. I know it’s still January but aren’t we all missing the summer and sunlight already? Then, let’s talk about what outdoor patio rugs you might need for the approaching summer.

Best Outdoor Rugs of 2022: Find Your Style

Firstly, it’s important to know your know style. Are you casual, modern or traditional? Because you should definitely consider your outdoor the same way you consider designing your interior spaces. Outdoor garden rugs don’t have to be boring and plain. More importantly, depending on your taste and style, your outdoor rugs will also vary. Consider whether you want to keep it all one style. I mean you can combine all your garden furniture and rug together. On the other side, you can mix and match! For instance, you can have a piece of furniture that has floral or leafy cushions and you can mix it with a striped outdoor rug. Another example is you can have a piece of bamboo or wooden furniture in cream hues and you can combine it with a cream outdoor rug. That’s totally up to your imagination.

Best Outdoor Rugs of 2022: Why Outdoor Rugs are Important

In recent years, outdoor design has been as important as indoor design as we started spending much more time in our homes compared to other years. And let’s accept it, relaxing and spending time at home is not as bad as we thought it is at the first place 🙈 So that means outdoor rugs and furniture aren’t just trivial things that you keep stacked up in the garage and have to haul out every summer anymore. Now, you can find beautiful pieces that you leave out (e.g these black and white outdoor rugs or these blue outdoor rugs) and you can enjoy them for months. I don’t mean to sound like I’m making up but in different accounts on social media, I’ve seen some people using their outdoor rugs also at their indoor spaces after the summer fades away. (Seriously…)

Get to Know the Trends of 2022

Pastel Colours & Natural Materials

Probably it’s a widely known fact that natural materials in gardens have been a big hit. Especially for environmental reasons, people are mostly going for natural materials like wood, rattan or bamboo. If you are one of these people surrounding their garden with these materials, adding a finishing touch with the pastel colours of Ecology Collection will be a gooood match 😍 This combination will make your space feel warmer.

Warm Colours

Like the last year, also in 2022, we will see warmer colours again not only indoors but also at outdoor spaces. Because they are pretty much inviting and relaxing. For instance, colours like beige can create a sleek design and a cosy feeling.

Bold Statement Patterns

Outdoor spaces sometimes need some bold statements as well to create a focal point. It creates authenticity, interest and breaks up with the monotony of furniture and décor. And honestly, I will have to say having a patterned outdoor rug is the easiest and probably most affordable way to create that focal point in your space. This is a fundamental trick to make your place shine effortlessly. Patterns help establish energy in all spaces giving movement and dimension. Some of the trending patterns are Morrocan, geometric and border shapes. The key here is to combine these patterns carefully though. If you have plain or natural material garden furniture as mentioned above, you can add some colour and spice with these patterns.

Black Accents

 Alright, the last but definitely not the least trend we would like to talk about is Black. In recent years, especially matte black has caught the eyes of interior designer lovers. In order to keep up with the rhythm and style of our interiors, it’s no surprise that this trend has now taken over the exterior spaces. Matte black looks spectacular combined with organic shapes. Also, if you have concrete, stone and wood areas in your garden, these black accents will be your savior. Other than that, with your greeneries and green objects around, you will be easily able to create a strong contrast with the black shades 😎

Personalize Your Space

The reason is there are so many options with outdoor rugs now as we have mentioned above. You can go for a round outdoor rug or you can find yourself searching “outdoor trellis rug” on Google 👩🏼‍💻 Other than these ones, personalizing and knowing your space is important because the next and as important step will be deciding on the colour and size of your outdoor patio rugs. Outdoor rugs have come a long way. You have lots of choices in colours and patterns.

Soooo, that’s all today everyone! Hopefully, we have been helpful to you if you are already looking for some inspiration to design your outdoor space.

Cheers 🎉

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