How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms

Dec 14, 2021

In this blog, we will talk about how to decorate small space and rooms briefly. Then, let’s carry on 😍

How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms: Tip #1

Don’t be afraid of dark colours or don’t be afraid of sort of saturated colours. When you go with darker or more saturated colours, you are creating space that’s looking more interesting and deeper actually. And don’t forget to add some lights to your space if you can. This way, your efforts will pay off and you will have created a moody and eye-catching ambiance. So first that needs to be said, don’t be afraid of going dark. You don’t have to paint your walls in white or scatter white items all over your room. That would be the classic way. However, you might want to go more authentic and creative.

How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms: Tip #2

Let your room breathe. It means giving some space around the furniture pieces to allow for the movement of people. In most small spaces, they tend to look really cluttered when furniture pieces start knocking against each other. Because small spaces look smaller when they are too cluttered. I’m not saying you have to be minimalist although that can be one route to go and create a more breathing space. What I mainly mean is you should be more mindful when choosing the right size items for your room.

Tip #3

Get the right-sized rug. If you have a rug that is way too small, that’s the case I’m seeing in small spaces though, it will make your space feel even smaller. What you might want to avoid is having that rug in the center of your room that’s maybe just got the coffee table on it but it doesn’t have any of the furniture legs on it, that’s definitely a no-go! That’s not how you should style your rug. One of the best things you should do, you actually have a couple of good options I would say:

Number 1: Having all of the furniture legs on your rug. That is a great option. However, that might be harder to do in smaller spaces. If you have a small space, what you should do is putting the front two legs of your furniture on the rug. So you’ve maybe got half the furniture on the rug. I believe that’s a good compromise. So that would be our number 2 option.

The first option here would probably be more if useful if you had a bigger space but not so practical in a small space. However, you don’t go too small with the rug even if you have a small space. So, having a normal-sized rug according to your room’s size and having the second solution is a good option.

That’s all, folks. The blog “How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms” hopefully has been helpful for you.

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