Small Toilet Ideas to Make Yours Look Bigger

Oct 18, 2022

If you have a toilet that is only as big as your wardrobe, forget about relaxation. Where will all of your self-care products go, and how can you stop hyperventilating as soon as you step inside? You can use some small toilet ideas to eliminate both issues and make the most of the space.

Small Toilet Ideas That Will Refresh That Space

Here are some great ideas that can help you expand your tiny bathroom without taking a sledgehammer to it:

1.      Opt For a Shrouded Toilet

A shrouded toilet sits flush against the wall giving your bathroom a neat look. It is also easier to clean than off-the-wall options since it doesn’t have nooks and crannies that can accumulate dirt. Compared to other options, the design encapsulates the waste pipe, and the toilet has a sorter projection. That is what makes it great for small spaces.

2.      Add More Lights

No matter how well-decorated your bathroom is, if it isn’t well-lit, it looks smaller than it is. Add overhead and recessed lights under the cabinets to brighten and open up the space. Natural light is the best option, so install a window in there as well.

3.      Reduce Décor

Sure, that rug looks cute in the bathroom, but it takes up space you don’t have. If you go overboard with the décor, you will end up with clutter you don’t have time to clean up. So remove items you don’t need, and you can breathe easily in that space. Keep bare essentials in your cabinet, so you have ample room around the sink for soaps and cleansers.

4.      Add a Frameless Shower Enclosure

Your shower is the most oversized item in your bathroom, and the enclosure makes it look bigger. You don’t need to remove the whole shower – remove the enclosure and replace it with a glass one. A transparent shower cubicle will look and feel less bulky.

5.      Floor and Wall Tiles Should Be the Same

Repeat tiles on the floor and walls to give your small bathroom a seamless look that will add space. Use large pale tiles to achieve this effect. The colour will also brighten the room, making it look fresh and easy to clean. These tiles also reflect light quite well, so you won’t have to add more lighting options.

6.      Install a Large Mirror

Using mirrors strategically, you can transform and add light to a space. Use a large one to make your small bathroom look bigger. The large mirror will reflect light into the room, and the reflection will add an extra dimension. You can install one yourself using a drill and a few screws.

Besides a large mirror, you can add mirrors where the walls meet. This setting will bounce a lot more light into the room and enlarge the space without much effort. Go for frameless varieties. These look like they are floating in the air and open the space. Remember to look for options with a tarnish-resistant coating, so it doesn’t erode with moisture. Don’t ignore this option if you love to take long hot showers or baths.

These are far from the only small toilet ideas that can make that space look spacious. Experiment with different options and see which one works best for you.

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